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What you need to know to lodge an application

This section provides you with an overview of the application process for development approvals at Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, with links to important information you will need to know before lodging.

1. Advice

  • Discuss - your proposal with a Council Duty Planner/Surveyor. It’s a free service and can save you time and money.  We will tell you what fees, approvals and documents are required.  For detailed information refer to Pre-application advice.
  • Search - for planning information on your property via the NSW Government Planning Portal.  Information on what can be done on the land, approvals required, links to state and local planning policies and building development codes https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/.
  • Consultants - you may benefit from employing an industry consultant to coordinate large or complex applications.
  • Pre-lodgement meetings – a free service for larger developments. Meet with Council asset owners before you lodge your application to identify any issues and the application requirements. For detailed information refer to Pre-application advice.
  • Heritage considerations - Council provides free technical advice for owners of heritage and old buildings.

Tip: Lodge your Development Application and construction certificates including plumbing & drainage applications at the same time.  Depending on the nature of your proposal we may be able to concurrently assess each application and issue all approvals at the same time.

2. Application fees quote

Before you can lodge an application you need to request a fee quote.  For detailed information refer to Fee Quotes

Fees are calculated on the cost of works and can include administrative, advertising, agency referrals, notification, and other statutory fees such as planning reform and long service levy. You can request a fee quote at any Port Macquarie-Hastings Council office or by emailing us at dev.quotes@pmhc.nsw.gov.au.

Keep it - you will need your quote to pay and lodge your application documents.

3. Pay and lodge documents

An application cannot be lodged without the property owner(s) consent.

  • Bring your quote into any of our offices to pay fees or call us on 6581 8111 and pay over the phone.
  • Lodge your application form and supporting documents in any of these ways:

On disk or USB at any Council office - documents are copied to our system and the device will be returned to you.

File drop - when you pay your fees advise the Customer Service Officer that you are lodging documents by file drop.  We will email you a link to upload your files. Forms and supporting documents are required within 72 hours.          

Paper - submit your paperwork at any of our offices.  Additional scanning and archive fees apply.

Development Application Form

4. Review

  • Acknowledgement - when a complete application is received you will be advised by email of your application number for example DA2016-123.
  • Additional information - if extra information is required to assess your application we will notify you by email.  In most cases the application is on hold until the information is received.
  • Notification & referrals – some application types require neighbour notification, advertising or public exhibition. Council asset owners, external agencies or government departments may be consulted about your development proposal.

Email: is our main way of staying in touch during the application process.  Keep an eye on your inbox for communication from Council.
Track progress: Follow the status of your application online via Application Tracker.

5. Decision

  • Determining bodies – some application types are referred to independent panels, Council meetings and state or regional planning bodies for a decision.
  • Outcome – you will receive your consent/refusal and approved plans by email. We do not provide paper copies.  When you receive our email, download the documents and save a copy for your records. Copies of consents and approved plans can be accessed in the future from Application Tracker.

Completion: For construction related approvals ensure you book all prescribed inspections and provide to Council certificates of completion, insurances and other requirements listed in your consent.

This page was last updated on: 07 July 2017