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State Environmental Planning Policies (SEPPs)

State Environmental Plans (SEPPs) contain state-wide standard development provisions and cover:

  • most types of exempt and complying development,
  • requirements for energy and water efficient development,
  • provision of, and interaction with, infrastructure,
  • design quality of residential flat buildings, and
  • housing for seniors and people with disabilities.

A SEPP overrides or may modify the provisions of a Local Environmental Plan (LEP). 

SEPP's relevant to the Port Macquarie-Hastings area
SEPP 21 - Caravan Park
SEPP 30 - Intensive Agriculture
SEPP 33 - Hazardous and Offensive Development
SEPP 36 - Manufactured Home Estates 
SEPP 44 - Koala Habitat Protection
SEPP 50 - Canal Estate Development
SEPP 55 - Remediation of Land 
SEPP 62 - Sustainable Aquaculture
SEPP 64 - Advertising and Signage - Clause 33 allows some signage as exempt development.
SEPP No 65 - Design Quality of Residential Flat Development - Also refer to associated Apartment Design Guide
Affordable Rental Housing 2009
Building Sustainability Index (BASIX) 2004
SEPP (Coastal Management) 2018 - maps on NSW Planning Portal
Educational Establishments and Child Care Facilities 2017
Exempt and Complying Development 2008  - Also known as the Codes SEPP which provides standard exempt and complying development provisions across the State covering:

Exempt Development (Part 2)

  • General Exempt Development Code
  • Advertising and Signage Exempt Development Code
  • Temporary Uses and Structures Exempt Development Code

Complying Development:

  • General Housing Code (Part 3) - subject to variations in Schedule 3 of the SEPP
  • Rural Housing Code (Part 3A)
  • Housing Alterations Code (Part 4)
  • General Development Code (Part 4A)
  • Commercial and Industrial Alterations Code (Part 5)
  • Commercial and Industrial (New Buildings and Additions) Code (Part 5A)
  • Subdivisions Code (Part 6)
  • Demolitions Code (Part 7)
  • Fire Safety Code (Part 8).

This SEPP covers the majority of exempt and complying development that is possible. Some additional types are listed in other SEPPs, and in Schedules 2 & 3 of the LEP.

Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability 2004
Infrastructure 2007
Also known as the Infrastructure SEPP which contains standard provisions relating to a wide range of infrastructure, including some relating to the impacts of private development on infrastructure - most particularly regarding traffic generating development. It allows for some infrastructure to be exempt development or complying development.
Mining, Petroleum Production and Extractive Industries 2007 - It allows for some exempt development and complying development.
(Miscellaneous Consent Provisions) 2007 - contains matters for consideration where temporary structures require consent.
Rural Lands 2008 - Clause 9 does not apply within the Port Macquarie-Hastings area.

State and Regional Development 2011

State significant development is listed as follows:

Schedule 1 - based on development type.
Schedule 2 - based on location (none within Port Macquarie-Hastings)

Types of state significant infrastructure are listed in Schedules 3 to 5.

State Significant Precincts 2005 - only applies to development which is still subject to the former Part 3A of the Act.
(Vegetation in Non-Rural Areas) 2017 – works in conjunction with Chapter 2.6 of Development Control Plan 2013

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