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Local Environmental Plan (LEP)

A Local Environmental Plan, often referred to as an LEP, is the principle statutory planning document prepared by Council under the requirements of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, to guide planning decisions for the Local Government Area (LGA). The plan allows Council to manage the ways in which land may be used through zoning and development standards.

LEPs consist of text and maps, which together apply controls most particularly based on land use zones. The Land Use Table (at the end of Part 2 of the LEP text) outlines (based on the land use zone) what type of development is permissible on your land with Council consent. 

Port Macquarie-Hastings LEP 2011

The Plan link takes you to our LEP text and also includes links to corresponding maps.  For more information on the LEP maps select the Map Series link. 

Mostly where the LEP refers to maps they are maps incorporated within the LEP, and which are listed in the LEP Map Index. Exceptions to this are:

  • Clause 7.7 Airspace operations refers to the Obstacle Limitation Surface Map, and
  • Clause 7.8 Development in areas subject to aircraft noise refers to the Noise Exposure Forecast Contour Map.

These maps are found in Figures 12-10 to 12-12 and Figure 12-4 respectively within the Port Macquarie Airport Master Plan 2010 - Addendum Report found on Council’s Port Macquarie Airport website.

Plan: Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Environmental Plan 2011

Map Series: LEP 2011 Series Maps

Recent Amendments

Note: some changes arise from state-wide changes to the template on which LEP 2011 is based.

 10 September 2020 Amendments to support development of the Port Macquarie airport precinct and to identify land that has been biodiversity certified (Amendment 56), comprising:
  • Changes to the Zone B7 Land Use Table
  • Introduction of new clause 7.18 and amendment to the Dictionary
  • Addition to Schedule 1 (item 13)
  • New Additional Permitted Uses Map sheet APU_013F
  • New Clause Application Map sheets CAP_013C, CAP_013D 
  • New Floor Space Ratio Map sheet FSR_013C
  • Amendments to existing Map sheets: 
  • Land Zone LZN_013C, LZN_013D, LZN_013F
  • Lot Size LSZ_013C, LSZ_013D, LSZ_013F
  • Floor Space Ratio FSR_013, FSR_013F
  • Height of Buildings HOB_013C
  • Additional Permitted Uses APU_013C, APU_013D
9 April 2020 Map changes for Lot 2 DP 771931, 11 Mission Terrace, Lakewood (Amendment 49).  Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_014A
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_014A
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_014A
  • Height of Buildings Map HOB_014A
8 November 2019 Administrative amendments - applies to various issues and land parcels (Amendment 55). Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_ 007A
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_014C
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_007A
  • Height of Building Map HOB_007A
  • Height of Building Map HOB_010B
  • Height of Building Map HOB_011B
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013A
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013B
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013C
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013D
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013E
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013F
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013FA
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013G
  • Height of Building Map HOB_014A
  • Height of Building Map HOB_014B
  • Height of Building Map HOB_014C
  • Heritage Map HER_010B
  • Koala Habitat Map KHA_013D
  • Acoustic Controls Map CL1_011B
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map LRA_012B
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map LRA_013C
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map LRA_013D
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map LRA_014C
30 August 2019 Amendments to permit a Highway Service Centre and ancillary motel or hotel accommodation at the intersection of the Pacific and Oxley Highways, Sancrox (Amendment No 53) and consequent subdivision. The amendments include:
  • An additional clause at the end of Schedule 1 to permit the land use.
  • Amendment to the Additional Permitted Uses Map in association with the Schedule 1 clause.
  • An additional local provision clause 7.17 to permit subdivision of the land notwithstanding the 40 hectare minimum lot size requirement.
31 May 2019 Map changes for land on the western edge of Kew, comprising part of Lot 202 DP 1133171 and adjoining Crown road reserve (Amendment No 45).  Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_011B
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_011B
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_011B
  • Height of Buildings Map HOB_011B
21 December 2018 Map changes for land straddling John Oxley Drive south of the Oxley Highway in southwest Port Macquarie(Amendment 39). Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_013D
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_013D
  • Dwelling Opportunity Map DWE_013D
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_013D
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013D
  • Koala Habitat Map KHA_013D
21 December 2018 Map change for land at Part Lot 14 DP240042 Pioneer Street, North Haven (Amendment 25). Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_014A
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_014C
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_014A
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_014C
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_014A
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_014C
  • Height of Building Map HOB_014A
  • Height of Building Map HOB_014C
21 December 2018 Administrative amendments – applies to various issues land parcels (Amendment 52). Affected:
  • Changes to Land Use Table and Clause 4.1 Minimum subdivision lot size
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_010B
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_013G
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_009
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_013G
  • Flood Planning Map FLD_013G
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_010B
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_013G
  • Heritage Map HER_010B
  • Heritage Map HER_013G
  • Height of Building Map HOB_013G
  • Koala Habitat Map KHA_013G
  • Land Reservation Acquisition Map LRA_012B
1 June 2018 Map change for the land known as Port Macquarie Town Square (Horton Street north) (Amendment 51).  Affected: LZN_013FA
3 April 2018 Amendments associated with commencement of Coastal Management Act 2016 and SEPP (Coastal Management) 2018.  Amends clause 3.3, omits clause 5.5 and makes several changes in the Dictionary.
23 March 2018  Map change for Council owned land corner Oxley Highway and Stoney Creek Road, Wauchope, by LEP 2011 (Amendment No 44). Affected: LZN_010B
13 October 2017 


Map changes for land in the area of Lincoln Road, Castle Court and Marian Drive, Port Macquarie (Amendment No 43). Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_013D
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_013D
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_013D
 22 September 2017 Map changes for land at Reading Street, Port Macquarie (Amendment No 41). Affected:
  • Land Zoning Map LZN_013G
  • Lot Size Map LSZ_013G
  • Floor Space Ratio Map FSR_013G
  • Height of Buildings Map HOB_13D
1 September 2017 Amendments associated with new SEPP (Educational Establishments and Child Care Facilities) 2017. Affected:
  • Definitions: Child care centre (omitted); Respite day care centre (amended); Centre-based child care facility, Early education and care facility, School-based child care (3 inserted)
  • Associated changes to Land Use Table and clauses 7.8 & 7.15
 25 August 2017  Amendments associated with State-wide new Vegetation legislation, affecting clauses 3.1, 3.3, 5.9 & 5.9AA, and several definitions in the Dictionary.

This page was last updated on: 30 September 2020