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LEP 2011 Map series

The LEP maps go hand in hand with the Local Environmental Plan (LEP) and are essential in the environmental planning provisions for land in Port Macquarie-Hastings.

LEP Map titles

The LEP maps are provided as A3-size sheets in Acrobat PDF file format, accessed from the Map Index via a link at the top of each LEP webpage.  The name of each map sheet also appears at the bottom left of the map sheet.

The code in the filename (eg 6380_COM_LZN_013FA_010_20160121) is explained as: 

  • 6380_COM - means a comprehensive LEP for Port Macquarie-Hastings
  • LZN - identifies the Map Series - see below
  • 013FA - means the map sheet number within the map grid
  • 010 - code for the map sheet scale, in thousands (ie 1:10,000 in this case)
  • 20160121 - identifies the version of the map as a date, in the format "yyyymmdd".  This date identifies the date the map was prepared - you need to use the Map Index to establish the dates for which each map sheet was or is current.  A current draft map will have a more recent date than the LEP map currently in force.

The Map Index on the NSW Legislation website provides links to the current and past LEP map sheets through a list of the map sheet filenames approved by the Minister - you need to ensure that the map you are viewing is the current sheet from that Index and has the correct filename, as shown at the bottom of the map legend.  What can appear as a valid map sheet may be superseded, or perhaps a draft - check the filename against the Map Index on the Legislation website.  The filename must match the current filename in the Index.

LEP Map Grid

The LEP maps are ‘tiles’ within a map grid for the Port Macquarie-Hastings. They are based on a 1:80,000 map sheet grid with "inserts" for urban-scale maps, which are identified by a suffix after the 1:80,000 grid sheet number. The different LEP 2011 map series are listed below.  The information above assists in determining the correct map sheet.”

Local Government Area Map Grid 

 LEP_LGA_MapGrid_thumbnail520KB jpg(JPG, 520KB)

Urban Map Grid

 LEP_Urban_MapGrid_Thumbnail666KB jpg(JPG, 666KB)

LEP 2011 Map Index

The LEP 2011 map series can be viewed on the NSW Legislation website .


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