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Local area-specific plans

Yippin Creek Structure Plan 2017


The Plan provides a 20 year vision and strategy to guide land use planning priorities and decisions for urban development in the Yippin Creek area to 2036.


The vision is for a well-planned community, which respects and reflects it’s unique natural setting, sustains a connected and healthy community and provides a valued addition to the town of Wauchope.


Implementation of the Structure Plan will involve LEP, DCP and Contributions Plan amendments.


Documents to download:

 Yippin Creek Structure Plan 20173MB pdf(PDF, 3MB)

 Yippin Creek Structure Plan Council Report March 2017533KB pdf(PDF, 533KB)

 Revised Yippin Creek Structure Plan Issues Paper 201610MB pdf(PDF, 10MB)

Settlement City Precinct Structure Plan 2009

The Plan provides Council's policy position in relation to the Settlement City Precinct and will assist in Council's preparation of local environmental plans and development control plans for the area. It will also provide guidance in Council's assessment of development applications on matters such as street design pedestrian links, view corridors, public open space and civic requirements.

Implementation of the Structure Plan has involved LEP and DCP amendments, with some still being finalised.

Document to download:

 Settlement City Precinct Structure Plan 200912MB pdf(PDF, 12MB)

Link to: Local Planning Strategies

Port Macquarie Foreshore Masterplan

At the Council meeting on 21 January 2009 the final report and drawings for the Port Macquarie Foreshore Masterplan was adopted with the following changes as summarised below:

  • Proposal to close Stewart Street is subject to further traffic analysis and community consultation.
  • The proposed small kiosk, amenities/showers and shaded seating area adjacent to the skatepark facility on Town Beach has been retained.
  • Further discussions will take place with the RSL Sub Branch regarding detailed planning for the area around the Anzac memorial.
  • The proposal to reduce the car parking in Hollingworth Street adjacent to Country Comfort has been retained.
  • The proposal for an extension of Westport Club onto the open space has been retained subject to detailed negotiations with both the Westport Club and the Department of Lands.
  • The proposed all age playground and motion sensor water jets and fountain in Westport Park will be relocated so that they do not limit the options for major events that take place on this park.
  • The proposed boardwalk through the EOI site has been removed from the plan.
  • The proposed beach adjacent to the boat ramp has been retained subject to further investigation about constructing a groyne to ensure separation of boating and swimming activities.
  • The proposed walkway around the marina site and the proposed marina square have been retained and will be the subject of negotiations with the lessee and the Department of Lands.
  • The concept of improving the interface between the marina site and the open space carpark by, say, opening up the marina businesses onto the parkland has been retained and will be subject to future negotiations with the lessee and the Department of Lands.
  • The proposed boardwalk and foreshore parkland around Sails Resort has also been retained on the plan with the acknowledgement that this will require careful negotiation with the owners of the resort particularly as the proposed access pathways could present security and amenity issues for this commercial development.

Documents to download:

 Port Macquarie Masterplan Report 2009 Pages 1 - 252MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)

 Port Macquarie Masterplan Report 2009 Pages 26 - 497MB pdf(PDF, 7MB)

 Settlement City and Westport Park196KB pdf(PDF, 196KB)
 Town Centre and Kooloonbung Creek204KB pdf(PDF, 204KB)
 Town Beach and Rotary Park173KB pdf(PDF, 173KB)


John Oxley Drive Precinct

The land on the north-western side of John Oxley Drive, between Wrights Road and Phillip Charley Drive, Port Macquarie, is subject to some future land use changes:

  • Following relocation of the Oxley Highway bypassing this section of land, the renamed John Oxley Drive has a sub-arterial road role.
  • In line with State Government requirements, in December 2010 Council adopted an Urban Growth Management Strategy 2011-2031, which proposes that this area be considered as a potential site for future bulky goods retailing.

The changes provide an opportunity to review the range of constraints that affect the land use development opportunities in this precinct, and to propose options and a preferred strategy for the future. 

Following community consultation over a draft Structure Plan, on 25 July 2012 Council adopted the John Oxley Drive Precinct Structure Plan.  By letter dated 1 November 2012 the Department of Planning and Infrastructure advised that the Structure Plan has been approved as a component of Council's Urban Growth Management Strategy.

The Structure Plan does not immediately change the planning controls applicable to the land - refer to section 6.3 for a summary of the various implementation issues.  The property in the north-east corner is not subject to the same issues as most of the other properties, and Council has commenced the process of changing the planning controls.

Document to download:

 John Oxley Drive Precinct Structure Plan 20124MB pdf(PDF, 4MB)



The urban release of land at Thrumster followed identification of the land within Council’s Hastings Urban Growth Strategy 2001 (now superseded by UGMS), detailed investigations and preparation of a Local Environmental Study and adoption of a Structure Plan.  (Note during the planning phase the Thrumster release area was also known as “Area 13”.)

While urban development of Thrumster will occur over many years, implementation of the Structure Plan has taken place through approval of LEP and DCPs, which are accessed elsewhere. 

Area 13 Thrumster is home to a breeding colony of koalas.  Council has adopted a Koala Plan of Management (KPoM) with the primary aim to accommodate development whilst also facilitating, to the maximum extent possible, an increase in size of the koala population.

Implementation of the KPoM requires the prohibition of dogs within identified core koala habitat areas.  Council has prepared a Local Orders Policy to prohibit keeping of dogs within a defined area that reasonably matches the areas of core koala habitat. 

Documents to download:

-           Area 13 Urban Investigation Area Koala Plan of Management 20083MB pdf(PDF, 3MB)

-           Local Orders Policy - Prohibition of dogs in Koala habitat areas170KB pdf(PDF, 170KB)


Wauchope Town Centre Design Framework, October 2009

The framework guides the future development and public space upgrades throughout the Wauchope town centre over the next 10-15 years, focussing on commercial/retail, recreational and cultural precincts of the town centre.

Document to download:

 Wauchope Town Centre Design Framework, October 200919MB pdf(PDF, 19MB)


King Creek rural residential

While the Structure Plan for his area has been implemented through LEP and DCP provisions, for development application purposes the following is still relevant:

Document to download:

 King Creek Koala Plan of Management 19991MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)


Kew Main Street Master Plan

The Plan proposes the staging of works to improve the amenity and safety of the main street in light of the significantly changed traffic conditions brought about by the Pacific Highway bypass of Kew.

Document to download:

 Kew Main Street Master Plan9MB pdf(PDF, 9MB)

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