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Development contribution rates, plans and policies

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council has adopted a number of Development Contributions Plans and Development Servicing Plans. These plans set out contributions required from new development to cater for additional works and services that will need to be provided by Council as a consequence of that development.

Copies are also available for inspection or purchase from Council's Port Macquarie office.


Contribution Rates Last Revision
 Development Contribution Rates Summary170KB pdf(PDF, 170KB) 1 August 2021
 Development Contribution Rates Summary by Locality99KB pdf(PDF, 99KB) 1 August 2021
Development Contribution Plans Last Revision
 PMHC Administration Building Contribution Plan 2007638KB pdf(PDF, 638KB)
(This plan provides for the extension and alternations to Council’s Administration Centre in Port Macquarie and for various computer installations and upgrades)
1 May 2007
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Administration Levy Contribution Plan131KB pdf(PDF, 131KB)
(Sets a levy on all s94 contributions to fund Council’s development contributions operations)
16 March 2005
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Contribution Plan 1993 V 1.6721KB pdf(PDF, 721KB)
(Provides for Carparking facilities in Laurieton, Wauchope and Port Macquarie Commercial Areas)
3 April 2006
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Major Roads Contribution Plan V 2.22MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)
(In addition to regional contributions this plan provides for local road contributions for Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills, Camden Haven & Sancrox/Thrumster)
3 April 2006
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Open Space Contributions Plan V 2.22MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)
(This plan applies to parts of Yippin Creek and Wauchope localities only. Refer also to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Open Space Contributions Plan 2018)
3 April 2006
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Open Space Contributions Plan 2018 V 1.07MB pdf(PDF, 7MB)
(This plan includes a list of new facilities and upgrades and sets revised open space development contributions across the local government area. The plan repeals the Hastings Open Space Contributions Plan Version 2.2 dated April 2006 applying in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Government area except for the area shown in Appendix 2 of the new plan, being parts of the Yippin Creek and Wauchope localities.)
31 July 2018
 Hastings River Drive Contribution Plan for Traffic Facility Works V 1.22MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)
(Provides for the upgrading of Hasting River drive as a result of expansion of adjacent industrial and commercial uses)
3 April 2006
 Innes Peninsula Contribution Plans - Road Works V 1.3325KB pdf(PDF, 325KB)
(Local road upgrading works in the Innes Peninsula area of Port Macquarie are covered by this plan)
3 April 2006
 Kings Creek Contributions Plan V 2.51MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)
(Applies to the rural residential area of Kings Creek adjacent to Wauchope and includes works for roads and community facilities)
1 July 2006
 Laurieton Walkway Contribution Plans V 1.1558KB pdf(PDF, 558KB)
(Allows recoupment of the cost of the installation of a walkway from adjacent Commercial development in Laurieton)
16 March 2005
 North Haven Neighbourhood Business Precinct Contribution Plan V1.2279KB pdf(PDF, 279KB)
(Provides for parking and traffic facilities in North Haven as a result of expansion of commercial activities)
3 April 2006
 The Bain Dairy Contributions Plan V 1.4874KB pdf(PDF, 874KB)
(Applies to the River Breeze subdivision area at Wauchope to provide for Traffic and cycling facilities)
3 April 2006
 Port Macquarie-Hastings Community, Cultural & Emergency Service Facilities2MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)
(The Plan provides for the funding of a wide range of community, cultural and emergency service facilities including multi-purpose community centres, libraries, Rural Fire Service, State Emergency Service and Surf Life Saving.
3 April 2006
 PMHC S94A Levy Contributions Plan 20071MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)
(This Plan imposes levies on commercial and industrial development over the value of $100,000.  Money paid to the Council under a condition authorised by this plan is to be applied by the Council toward meeting the cost of the public facilities that will be or have been provided within the Commercial and Industrial areas of the LGA (refer to Schedule 1 of the Plan).
3 Dec 2007
 Section 94 Settlement City Precinct Roads Contributions Plan685KB pdf(PDF, 685KB)
The plan specifies developer contributions that  apply to new development in relation to road and intersection works to accommodate future development in the Settlement City precinct.
11 April 2014
 Section 94 Local Roads Contributions Plan - Area 13 (Thrumster), Area 14 (Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills) & Area 15 (Camden Haven)772KB pdf(PDF, 772KB)
The plan specifies developer contributions that apply to new residential development in relation to local road and intersection works to accommodate future development in the urban growth areas.
13 June 2014
Development Servicing Plans Last Revision
 Development Servicing Plans for Water Supply and Sewerage 20142MB pdf(PDF, 2MB)
The plan details the water supply and/or sewerage developer charges to be levied on development areas utilising a water utility’s water supply and/or sewerage infrastructure. Developer charges cover part of the cost of providing water supply and sewerage infrastructure to new development and redevelopment. Note : The developer charges for water supply and sewerage in the new Development Servicing Plans include a cross subsidy.

A cross subsidy means a reduction in the calculated developer charge.  It is income that Council does not raise from developer charges that has to be raised from annual water and sewer bills. On average, the cross subsidy adds $9.00 each year to a typical sewer bill and less than $0.50c each year to a typical water bill.
18 September 2014
Contribution Policies Last Revision
 PMHC Planning Agreements Policy & Procedures59KB pdf(PDF, 59KB) 19 June 2006
 Works in Kind Policy58KB pdf(PDF, 58KB) 18 Nov 2005
 Development Contribution Assessment Policy109KB pdf(PDF, 109KB) 10 November 2016

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