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Auspec - Engineering Development Specifications

Council's Aus-Spec includes 15 Design specifications, 34 Construction standards, quality design checklists, Standard Drawings and Supplementary Information covering all the activities required for civil infrastructure design and construction to meet our standards.

These documents can be downloaded below.  If you need additional information or are having difficulty downloading the documents email us at Auspec Enquiry.

Notice to Aus-Spec subscribers

Council has undertaken a review of PMHC Aus-Spec Design Specification - D15 - CAD Specifications and supporting AutoCAD and 12D template files.

The Revised information includes

  1. D15 - CAD Specifications.
  2. AutoCAD Template Files.
  3. 12D Survey Mapping Files

The period of review of the Draft CAD Specification D15, AutoCAD Template Files and 12D Survey Mapping Files is now complete.

All Comments will be reviewed with a view to issue a revised CAD Specification and supporting information early 2015.

NOTE: Two files previously provided in the Supplementary Information “PMHC Survey Codes.xls” & “Quick Reference Guide.xls” have been removed to enable a review and update of these files with the Cad Specification and supporting files.

The following links are available to access the other PMHC Specificatinos.

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This page was last updated on: 17 January 2020