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Exempt development

Some development works do not need Council’s approval. These small scale and low impact building renovations or works are called Exempt Development. Examples can include:

  • balconies and decks
  • carports and garages
  • driveways
  • fences
  • pathways
  • patios
  • pergolas
  • aerials, and some others.

It is not easy to provide a single definition of exempt development for all as the scale of proposed works and property location and any restrictions on it, can have an impact on the approval type you need.

To determine if the work you want to do is Exempt Development there are a few options available to you:

  1. Read the Department of Planning’s definition of Exempt Development.
  2. Use our free Duty Planner service for advice on what approval type you need.

What if my development isn't exempt?

If your development doesn't qualify as exempt development, you may have to apply for either a Complying Development Certificate or for a Development Application.

This page was last updated on: 22 July 2019