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Development Forms

All forms associated with development activities in our region can be found on this page. Some forms will need to be lodged online via the NSW Planning Portal, some forms are available on the NSW Fair Trading Site and some forms can be lodged directly with us.

Scroll down to find forms (listed in alphabetical order) associated with:

General tips to help with your application process

  1. Discuss your proposal and book a pre-lodgment meeting. If you have a large scale or complex development or are lodging a planning proposal you need to book a pre-lodgment meeting to discuss your plans with us before making application. Staff can assist in identifying any issues early and make sure you have the right supporting documents/reports to ensure you submit an assessment ready application. Contact one of our customer service centres to book a  free pre-lodgment meeting.
  2. Get an Application Fee Quote.  Application fees may vary depending on the nature of cost of works, notification requirements, referrals to other agencies, state legislated fees and land based matters. For applications submitted via the NSW Planning Portal, application fees are not paid until the application is reviewed and accepted by Council for lodgement. 

Forms you need to download and submit directly to Council

Required for some applica

Form Name Form purpose 

 Asset Return711KB pdf(PDF, 711KB)

For public works assets created by development.

 Bond Release300KB pdf(PDF, 300KB) 
 Bank Guarantee Release128KB pdf(PDF, 128KB)

Apply for the release of bond securities or a bank guarantee after final acceptance of works by Council.

 Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate261KB pdf(PDF, 261KB)

Request a Certificate that certifies a development is not in the Flame Zone or BAL 40. A Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Certificate is a legislative requirement if you are carrying out Complying Development on bushfire prone land.

Certificate of Compliance - Plumbing and drainage work


Confirms that a licensed plumber/drainer has undertaken the work, which complies with current legislation and the relevant industry Codes and Standards. It must be filled out for all completed plumbing and drainage work.

Note: form links to NSW fair trading site. 

 Certifying Authority250KB pdf(PDF, 250KB)

Contract to appoint Council to undertake certification work or appointment as Principal Certifier under Section 31 of the Building and Development Certifiers Act 2018 (NSW) and Clause 27 of the Building and Development Certifiers Regulations 2020 (NSW).

 Gift or Donation Declaration86KB pdf(PDF, 86KB)

Make a declaration about a gift or donation associated with a DA. Property owners, their agents (applicant) and anyone making a submission about a development application must provide details of any political donations or gifts associated with the proposal.

 Heritage Assessment151KB pdf(PDF, 151KB)

Apply for a heritage assessment for minor works on heritage and archaeological items. 

Inspection Booking

Book a development related inspection and supply any required plans, certificates and other documents required for the inspection.

 Install a manufactured home or moveable dwelling316KB pdf(PDF, 316KB)

Apply to install a manufactured home, moveable dwelling or associated structure in a manufactured home estate (MHE) or caravan park. This is required for any new installations, extensions to existing structures and alterations made to existing structures on a dwelling site.(MHE)

Before doing any work on a dwelling site, first check with the park/estate manager for advice on whether the work is allowed in accordance with the Regulation under Section 68 of the Local Government Act, 1993, and whether an 'application to install' must be lodged with Council.

 Modification of Development Consent (Section 4.55)207KB pdf(PDF, 207KB)

This form is required for all applications to modify a development application under Section 4.55 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979. 

 Notice of Completion to install a manufactured home or moveable dwelling290KB pdf(PDF, 290KB)


A notice of completion that certifies the requirements under the Regulation have been met for the installation of a MHE, moveable dwelling or associated structure must be submitted to Council 7 days after the completion of work. This form includes a comprehensive checklist of items required for this assessment.

 Notification to Commence Work - Building182KB pdf(PDF, 182KB)

Must be lodged with Council before any building or construction work starts.

 Notification to Commence Work - Plumbing and Drainage367KB pdf(PDF, 367KB)

Must be lodged with Council (Regulator) for Plumbing and Drainage (S68) applications 2 business days before work starts. The Notice of Work is completed by the plumber or drainer and provides the following information to Council:

  1. Who will carry out the work.
  2. Where work will be carried out.
  3. When work will be undertaken and estimated completion date.
  4. The type of work to be carried out (scale and scope).
  5. Intention for work to comply with (PCA and AS/NZS3500).
  6. If an alternate solution is being proposed.

 Operate a Caravan Park/Camping Ground or Manufactured Home Estate234KB pdf(PDF, 234KB)

Apply for an approval to operate or manage an existing caravan park, camping ground or manufactured home estate. Approval is required under Section 68 Part F2 of the Local Government Act 1993.

If the park/estate is new, development consent (DA) is required.

Owner Builder Permit and Home Warranty Insurance

This is required if you want to build or supervise a building on your own private residential premise. This includes managing your own residential building project and performing the coordinating and contracting roles usually undertaken by a builder. These roles include, but are not limited to, constructions, alterations, repairs and additions to a dwelling. 

This permit applies to labour and work that requires Council approval and that has a market value of greater than $10,000 (inclusive of GST). 

Note: form links to NSW fair trading site. 

  Owners Consent314KB pdf(PDF, 314KB) Building Information Certificate and/or to release floor plans.

 Planning Proposal364KB pdf(PDF, 364KB)

Apply for a Planning Proposal seeking an amendment to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Environmental Plan.

Sewer Service Diagram

A Sewer Service Diagram (SSD) shows the location of private sewer pipes on a property. When doing sewer drainage work on a residential, commercial or industrial property, plumbers and drainers must submit an updated or new SSD at the completion of the drainage work. Use the link above for templates and guidelines for SSD's.

Note: form links to NSW fair trading site. 

 Statement of Environmental Effects (SOEE)282KB pdf(PDF, 282KB)


This form is to be submitted for minor development applications only including:

• New dwellings, alterations and additions and ancillary structures

• Change of use/first use of commercial land and industrial premises.

Larger, complex developments will required a comprehensive SOEE to be submitted. Contact Council’s Duty Officer for assistance if required.

 Surrender Development Consent243KB pdf(PDF, 243KB)

Complete this form to surrender an approval issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

 Swimming Pool Barrier - Compliance Certificate192KB pdf(PDF, 192KB)

If you are selling a property with a pool, unless you have a valid Final Occupation Certificate, a swimming pool barrier compliance certificate (DE132) is required.

 Water Certificate Compliance (S305-307)420KB pdf(PDF, 420KB)

Other than minor internal dwelling alterations, all developments will require a S305-307 Certificate where there is the potential for plumbing works and/or Council’s water supply and/or sewer infrastructure to be affected. 

Applications that must be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal

The Minister for Planning has mandated the applications listed in the table below must be lodged via the NSW Planning Portal. It is not possible to lodge these applications with Council directly. 

How to Apply

  • Go to www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au and create a planning portal account.
  • It is recommended you create the account using an email address that all required persons in your business can access.
  • For assistance in submitting your application use the quick reference guide: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/support/how-guides
  • You will need to have all your documents ready to upload directly to the portal, preferably in PDF format.
  • You will need to ensure you have the correct property details. It is recommended that you search for the property using the Lot and Deposited Plan (DP) number. You may also use the ‘Find a Property’ link on the planning portal website to confirm these details.
  • Please ensure that you include evidence of owners consent in writing, from all registered owners of the property when submitting your application via the NSW Planning Portal. 
  • Once you have lodged your application you can track it's progress on our application tracker.

Need Help?

If you require assistance with the Planning Portal contact Service NSW:
W: https://pp.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/frequently-asked-questions
P: 1300 305 695 
E: email info@service.nsw.gov.au

 Form Name  Form Purpose
Building Information Certificate

Often a Building Information Certificate (BIC) is requested when work is undertaken without the appropriate approvals being issued by Council or a registered certifier. 

Refer to our page on Building Information Certificates and the guide on how to lodge an application on the NSW Planning Portal https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/applicant-resources

Complying Development Certificate (CDC)  A combined planning and construction approval for straightforward residential, commercial and industrial development. If the application meets specific criteria. The majority of exempt and complying development types and their development standards are found in the State Policy for exempt and complying development. You can view the policy on the NSW Legislation website:

**Council requires the ‘Certifying Authority’ be completed and submitted with your application documents in the planning portal for this application type. Please ensure that all registered owners of the property sign this application form. 

 Construction Certificate (CC)

A Construction Certificate should include your detailed building plans/engineering details and specifications. Construction cannot commence without this approval. In order to obtain the CC you may be required to first provide additional reports and pay refundable bonds or development contributions to council. These details are covered in the conditions of your development consent.

**Council requires the ‘Certifying Authority’ be completed and submitted with your application documents in the planning portal for this application type. Please ensure that all registered owners of the property sign this application form. 

DA's and Modification

Apply for a Development Application (DA), variation to development standard (Clause 4.6) or modification of development consent (Section 4.55).
Occupation Certificate (OC)

The Occupation Certificate (OC) authorises the occupation and use of a new building or building section. The Certifying Authority must be satisfied the development meets various regulatory standards in order to issue the OC.

**Council requires the ‘Certifying Authority’ be completed and submitted with your application documents in the planning portal for this application type. Please ensure that all registered owners of the property sign this application form. 

 Subdivision Works Certificate 

Approval to create new public infrastructure to be dedicated to Council. Approval to create subdivision infrastructure required in preparation of future subdivisions. Note: Associated Applications under the Roads Act 1993 (Section 138) will be processed simultaneously with this application. 

 Subdivision Certificate 


Application for a Subdivision Certificate including:
  • Strata title subdivision
  • Torrens title subdivision
  • Boundary adjustment
  • Community subdivision

Note: Certificate of compliance with S305-307 of the Water Management Act 2000 is required prior to the issue of any subdivision certificate. 

 Section 138 Drive way Crossover

Application for approval to construct a Driveway/Gutter Crossing under S138 of the Roads Act 1993. This application may be submitted directly to Council.

NOTE: you may choose to submit your application for a S138 Approval via the NSW Planning Portal. If this application is related to a planning application submitted via the Planning Portal (ie DA, CDC), we recommend you also submit this S138 application via the Planning Portal. 

This page was last updated on: 21 July 2021