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Construction approvals

After a Development Application (DA) is approved, a Construction Certificate is needed before building starts. A Construction Certificate can be issued by Council or by an Accredited Private Certifier.

What is a construction Certificate?

A Construction Certificate is an approval that:

  • The construction plans and specifications comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and any other relevant Australian standard.
  • Certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent (DA).
  • Certifies that the relevant development consent conditions have been complied with.
  • Certifies that all necessary contributions and fees have been paid.

There are 2 main categories of construction certificates:

  • Private Building
  • Civil works (Public Infrastructure)

Depending on the nature of the development additional information and separate approvals may be required for plumbing and drainage work, driveways, on-site sewer systems, water meter hire agreements, etc. A description of each approval type is below.

Section 138 application - driveways and works on the road reserve

An approval to construct or modify:

  • private driveway over public land to a public road
  • kerb and gutter or footpath paving on a public road or road reserve.

Section 68 applications - plumbing & drainage

Stormwater - approval to:

  • connect stormwater or roof water drainage from a private property to a Council drain/kerb and gutter
  • install a pipe across a public road, road reserve, footpath or nature strip
  • erosion and sedimentation control works whereby a ground surface area of more than 35m2 is disturbed or for any works involving the removal/placement of more than 5m3 of soil (eg swimming pools, in-ground water tanks) which may cause soil and other material to enter the stormwater system and our waterways.

Sewer - approval to connect:

  • A new building to Council’s sewer system
  • Additions to existing buildings to Council’s sewer network (eg. new bathroom, granny flat).

Septic or on-site sewer system

If you are building in an un-sewered area and the proposal requires the installation of a waste treatment device, alteration to an existing system or connection of new fixtures to an existing system you need to apply for a On-Site Sewer approval.


Water meter applications

If your building work requires connect ion to water mains, new meters or where water meter services/locations are affected you will need to complete a  Water Meter Application form325KB pdf(PDF, 325KB) .

Speak to us about the benefits of a combined application to receive your DA and all construction related approvals at once.  Contact our administration team for advice on lodging your applications with Council.

This page was last updated on: 05 November 2020