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Before a consent can be issued

What is required before issue of consent

If relevant to your application, the following items are required prior to issue of a Construction Certificate. You can submit the information at any time prior to determination to prevent delay in the issuing of your approval. 

Email Development Applications Group. If the information is too large to email please send by disk or USB. Remember to provide your application reference number when supplying further information for example:  DA2013 - 0123 Owner Builder Permit.

Builder's Details

Supply Council with the Builders name, address and NSW licence number for all residential work exceeding $5,000.

Home Owner's Warranty Insurance

All residential work exceeding $20,000 requires a Certificate of Home Owner's Warranty Insurance in accordance with Part 6 of the Home Building Act 1989. Council requires a copy of this insurance. Certificates must show the correct property details to which the Certificate relates and identify all work covered under the building contract for example: Dwelling and Swimming Pool.

Owner/Builder Permit

Should the owner choose to complete the work as an owner/builder, an owner/builder permit is to be obtained from the Department of Fair Trading and a copy submitted to Council for all residential building work exceeding $5,000. Permits must show the correct property details and Council application number to which the permit relates. This application number is provided on lodgement of the Construction Certificate.

If the work exceeds $12,000, an owner/builder will be required to complete a course prior to obtaining the permit. For further details visit your local Department of Fair Trading office.

Pay the Long Service Levy

Payment of the NSW Government’s Long Service Levy for building and construction work valued at $25,000 or more (inclusive of GST). 

Council is an agent for the collection of long service levy payments and you are required to pay the levy when lodging your Construction Certificate. If paying direct to the Long Service Payments Corporation, Council will require proof of payment.

If you are an owner-builder, non-profit organisation or church you may be eligible for a partial exemption of up to 50% of the levy payable.  For further information call the Helpline on 13 14 41 or visit Link to Long Service Corporation.

Pay Section 94 and Section 64 Contributions

Section 94 and Section 64 contributions will be identified in the Development Consent for certain proposals. The Water Services form and Fees form, which is attached to the Development Consent, must be presented when payment of these fees is made.

This page was last updated on: 30 June 2014