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Prelodgement Meetings

If you have a large scale or complex development it is important that  you to book a prelodgement meeting before you submit an application. Refer to the information below for further detail on when a pre-lodgement booking is advisable and what is required with your booking. 

Pre-lodgement meetings can save you time and money. Council's landuse planning, engineering, environment and asset managers can provide you with advice on the considerations and supporting reports required to support your application.

An officer will be in touch with you after we receive your booking request to confirm a pre-lodgement date and time with you. Meetings are via Skype during COVID and are held weekly on Tuesday's. Meetings are minuted and a copy of the minutes will be sent to you. While every effort will be made to identify key issues and legislation, the pre-lodgement minutes do not bind Council in any way and should not be considered as an approval. In particular, legislation can change and as more detailed information is submitted further issues may be identified.

Development Application

A pre-lodgement meeting is recommended if your proposal is:

  • Designated development
  • Major commercial or industrial employment generating development
  • A building greater than 3 storeys
  • Seniors living
  • A subdivision
  • 4 or more residential units
  • On flood prone land
  • A request for a variation of a Development Standard (Clause 4.6). Variations to the standard associated with building height, floor space ratio, set back or lot size
  • Complex.

Planning Proposal or Re-Zoning

Pre-lodgement meetings are compulsory in accordance with our policy. Applicants need to demonstrate that a pre-lodgement meeting has occurred before a Planning Proposal can be submitted. We need to meet with you before you apply to consider the merits of an amendment to the LEP and any issues you must address in design and supporting reports and studies.

This page was last updated on: 05 February 2021