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Prelodgement Meetings

If you have a large scale or complex development proposal we encourage you to book a prelodgement meeting to discuss your plans with us. Prelodgement meetings can assist customers in identifying any issues and the application requirements early in the planning phase to ensure you lodge an assessment-ready application.

PLEASE NOTE:  While our Customer Service Centre has reopened with the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, this is for essential payments only. Prelodgement meetings will be held over the phone/Skype until further notice. When we receive your booking an officer will contact you regarding meeting arrangements.


Development Application Prelodgements

A prelodgement meeting is recommended if your proposal is:

  • Designated development
  • Major commercial or industrial employment generating development
  • A building greater than 3 storeys
  • Seniors living
  • A subdivision
  • 4 or more residential units
  • On flood prone land
  • A request for a variation of a Development Standard (Clause 4.6). Variations to the standard associated with building height, floor space ratio, set back or lot size
  • Complex.

For a Development Application prelodgement meeting you need to provide the following information with your booking:

  • Concept plan or preliminary design.
  • Site analysis that describes the site and neighbouring sites (photos are recommended).

Planning Proposal Prelodgements

Council’s Planning Proposals Policy requires proponents to have a prelodgement meeting with Council staff prior to the preparation and lodgement of a Planning Proposal application.

The purpose of a Prelodgement meeting is to provide early advice as to the merits of a proposed amendment to the Port Macquarie-Hastings Local Environmental Plan (LEP), the likely issues to be addressed, and identify the supporting technical studies and information that will be required to support a Planning Proposal Application.

For a Planning Proposal prelodgement meeting you need to provide the following information with your booking:

  • Description of proposal, including changes requested to the LEP and any consequential DCP changes.
  • Strategic justification for the proposed amendments to planning controls in terms of Council’s Planning Proposal Policy and the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment’s, A guide to preparing planning proposals.
  • Details of current land use and development approvals.
  • Supporting information and/or studies.

Make a booking

  • For DA prelodgements we require 5 business days notice.
  • For Planning Proposal prelodgements we require 10 business days notice.

Prelodgement meetings are minuted and a copy of the minutes will be provided to proponents after the meeting. It should be noted that while every effort will be made to identify key issues and legislation, the prelodgement minutes do not bind Council in any way and should not be considered as an approval. In particular, legislation can change and as more detailed information is submitted further issues may be identified.

An officer will be in touch with you after we receive your booking to confirm a prelodgement meeting date and time with you.

This page was last updated on: 22 May 2020