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Pre-lodgement Meeting

Council's Pre-Lodgement Service has been set up to provide applicants with the opportunity to meet with Council’s planning, development and technical staff and receive valuable written comments prior to lodging development applications.

Council’s Pre-lodgement Panel allows applicants and proponents to discuss development proposals with the relevant Council Officers.

Meetings are held each Tuesday by appointment at Council’s Administration Building, Corner Lord & Burrawan Streets, Port Macquarie, between 2.00pm and 4.00pm, at 30 minute intervals, subject to availability.

When is a pre-lodgement meeting recommended?

This service is directed toward larger-scale more complex proposals. Dual occupancies, single dwellings and minor development are generally not reviewed by the Panel.  The list below are examples of the proposal types we recommend for a pre-lodgement meeting:

  • Designated development
  • Major commercial or industrial employment generating
  • Buildings greater than 3 storeys
  • Seniors Living
  • Subdivisions
  • Four or more residential units
  • Flood prone land
  • Applications involving Clause 4.6 (variations to height, floor space ratio or lot size)
  • Rezoning matters
  • Complex proposals

 How to apply for a Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Bookings are essential, subject to availability and require 5 working days notice  

 To arrange a pre-lodgement meeting you will need to submit:

  • A completed a pre-lodgement  booking form93KB pdf(PDF, 93KB)
  • Provide a concept plan or preliminary design
  • Provide a site analysis that describes the site and neighbouring sites (photo's are recommended).

Email all documents to Council at  

Refer to the Pre-Lodgement  brochure684KB pdf(PDF, 684KB) in the Related Information panel for other documents that may assist us with your pre-lodgement assessment. 

Outcomes of the Pre-Lodgement Meeting

Council will issue a letter confirming the outcomes of the meeting. This letter will identify any issues that will need to be addressed in any subsequent development application submitted to Council. It should be noted that while every effort will be made to identify key issues and legislation, the pre-lodgement minutes should not be considered as a development approval. In particular, legislation can change and as more detailed information is submitted, further issues may be identified.

This page was last updated on: 19 September 2018