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Development Fee Quote

Development Application fees vary depending on how you lodge your application, the nature and cost of works, notification requirements, referrals for associated agency approvals, and state legislated fee arrangements.

When do I need a quote?

All development applications require a valid fee quote. An application will not be accepted unless a quote is supplied.

How long does it take to get my quote?

On average it takes 2 business days to process. Proposals involving infrastructure works may take longer.

How do I request a development application fee quote?

Provide the following details in an email request or in person at any Council Branch Office.

  • advise if you are lodging documents electronically (PDF) or in paper
  • description of the development
  • address and property details
  • cost of works
  • building class
  • is it two storey?
  • type of quote requested - DA only and/or Certificate(s)
  • is notification required?
  • are there associated water or sewer works (Section 68)?
  • is a water meter hire required?
  • are there associated driveway works (Section 138)?
  • does it comply with set-back provisions?
  • Is it over 40m²?
  • Are infrastructure or subdivision works associated with the development?

    Yes - Complete the  Quotation request form127KB pdf(PDF, 127KB) (PDF, 110KB).  Attach this form to your email request.
    This form is required for public infrastructure / Works Certificates, works on the road reserve and Torrens and Community Title subdivisions.


To request a quote email us.

In Person:   

At any Customer Service Branch

Fees and Charges

Council's fees and charges may include:

Integrated Development Agency Fees

Under the planning laws development requiring consent from other agencies is classed as integrated development.  Integrated development applications are referred to the relevant agency and any terms of approval required by the agency will be incorporated into the conditions of any development consent issued by Council. 

Additional fees and documents are required for integrated development and must be paid on lodgement of your application with Council.  Duty Planners can help you with any requirements associated with your development type. 

Planning Reform Fee

Council collects the Planning Reform Fee on behalf of the NSW Government for building and subdivision works that are estimated to have a value greater than $50,000. The fee is calculated as a percentage of the estimated value of works and is payable on lodgement of the application.

Long Service Levy

If your proposal involves building or construction works with a value of $25,000 or greater you need to pay the Building Industry Long Service Levy. You must pay this before the release of the Construction Certificate.

Developer Contributions (Section 94, 94A & 64)

If your development is approved you may be required as a condition of your consent, to pay ‘Developer Contributions’ before construction can commence.  Developer contributions are a payment made towards the capital cost of providing community facilities such as open space or other community infrastructure. Developer contributions are levied where it is demonstrated that your development will increase the demand for these facilities. Various types of development can attract developer contributions including residential, commercial and industrial developments and subdivision.

In order to determine whether development contributions apply to your development, or if Section 94 payments can be deferred please contact Council’s development contributions planners.

It has been established that developer contributions are essential to maintaining and enhancing the quality of life for both current and future residents of local government area.

The calculation of development contributions applicable to development is determined according to the specific type of development you are proposing. The amount payable is determined in accordance with Council’s adopted plans. The plans set out the circumstances in which a contribution can be imposed, the method for calculating the contributions and the program of works on which the contribution is to be spent.

The types of public amenities, facilities and services that development contributions help fund include:

  • public open space,
  • public road network,
  • drainage, water supply & sewer supply,
  • lifeguard services, and;
  • public car parking facilities.

Refer to Developer Contributions for contribution rates, plans and policies and further information on developer contributions.

This page was last updated on: 02 November 2020