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Spa Pools

Spa pools are required to be surrounded by a child resistant barrier (same as a pool) or have a lockable lid. The child resistant lid is to be lockable, kept locked when not in use and capable of being operated by one person. This option is not available to a spa pool that is used as a swim spa or plunge pool spa.

 Reference: Australian Standard - 2610.2 - 2007 - Part 2: Private spas


 1.3.18 Private spa - is any spa pool that is not designated as a “public spa” by any State Act, Regulation or regulatory body.

 1.3.23 Spa pool - is a water-retaining structure fitted with filtration and sanitizing equipment, a heater, equipment for creating turbulent water and a skimmer system, normally filled with water except for maintenance purposes, and not intended to be used for swimming.

 The spa pool must be registered with NSW Swimming Pool Register and have a warning/resuscitation sign prominently displayed within 3.0m that complies with the Swimming Pools Regulation 2018 (Cl.10 & 11).


This page was last updated on: 06 January 2020