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Portable swimming pools

Portable swimming pools take several forms and include inflatable pools, pools incorporating a canvas or flexible plastic liner attached to a frame, and hard plastic pools such as wading pools. Depths vary from less than 150mm to over one metre. These type of pools are often purchased through department stores.

Any portable or temporary swimming pool where the depth is greater than 30cm must by law be fenced, as outlined in the Swimming Pools Act 1992.

Small portable and wading pools

These pools are typically the plastic clam shells and inflatable pools with the slip n slide. They are defined as:

  • Water height / depth less than 300mm (30cm)
  • Volume of no more than 2,000L
  • No filtration or pumping system.

These pools are not required to be fenced.

(Reference: Swimming Pool Act 1992 (SPA1992)

Large portable or inflatable pools

These pools are often purchased in lieu of a fibre glass or concrete swimming pool and can be purchased through various retails stores. They are defined as:

  • Water height / depth 300mm (30cm) or greater
  • Can be filled with a capacity greater than 2000L
  • Must have a child-resistant fence / barrier constructed to Australian Standards*.

(Reference: Swimming Pool Act 1992 (SPA1992)

* If you cannot afford to provide a fence around an inflatable or portable pool of this type your only option is to purchase a smaller inflatable pool that is less than 30cm in depth that you can put away after each use.  Penalties ranging from $500-$1500 apply for a breach of this requirement.

Pools with a filtration system

If your pool or spa has a filtration system you will need to:

  • Get approval from Council
  • Provide a fence / barrier that complies with the requirements of Swimming Pool Act 1992 (SPA 1992).

Pools or spas on a deck or near a retaining wall

Check with us first if you are installing a pool or spa in the following areas because you may need engineering advice to determine if the structure can safely take the weight of the pool or spa.

  • on a deck,
  • on a balcony,
  • on a suspended floor,
  • near a retaining wall.

This page was last updated on: 25 January 2021