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Pool inspection program

Council is required under the Swimming Pools Act to carry out an inspection program to ensure all pools comply with the required standards. Our inspection program was adopted by Council after community input in 2013.  Council's inspection program applies to all pools and spas on land where a residential building, moveable dwelling or tourist and visitor accommodation is located.

Our inspection program

Only council officers have legislative authority under the Swimming Pool Act 1992 to enforce requirements for swimming pool and spa pool safety.

Council officers inspect pools on the following basis:

  • Tourist accommodation and multi residential properties are considered high risk and are inspected every 3 years
  • We conduct inspections on request by owners or agents often associated with property sales or leases
  • We inspect pools in response to community complaints and notices from Private Certifiers.

Self-assessment safety checklists

Use the Pool Safety Checklists to self-assess your pool's compliance.  The checklists are provided by the NSW Government and are a guide only. For further information or to arrange a compliance certificate contact Council for advice.

Steps to healthy swimming

Download your guide to clean pools for healthy swimming.

This page was last updated on: 25 January 2021