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Consent for your pool

You may need approval to construct, install or alter pools and spa's capable of holding water more than 300mm deep and 2000 litres or more. Given individual property circumstances and structures can vary so much, we recommend you seek advice first on the approvals that could be required for your pool or spa.

For advice on what approvals are required for your pool or spa:

Applications can be lodged with Council or a registered private building surveyor. A link to apply for a Compliance Certificate can be found under the related information tab, on the right of the page.  If a Development Consent or Building Certificate is required for a new or existing pool refer to the Forms and Permits link for other application forms.

The Swimming Pools Act

A review of the Swimming Pools Act was finalised in 2012. This review included amendments designed to improve the safety of children under the age of 5 around private or backyard pools.  The amendments to the Swimming Pools and Tenancy Acts introduced the following requirements for pool owners:

  • Since October 2013 all pools must be identified on the NSW Swimming Pool Register
  • Since 29 April 2016 all pools must have a Compliance Certificate or Occupation Certificate or Non-Compliance Certificate before the sale or lease of the property.

This page was last updated on: 25 January 2021