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Development records

To help with future applications, buying or selling a property you can get information on past consents and certificates granted on the land a number of ways.

Application tracker

The first step is to search our on-line Application Tracker for applications lodged on the property you are interested in. In many instances, particularly for applications made in the last 10 years, consents and other documents can be downloaded from Application Tracker at no cost.    Go to Application Trackerwww.pmhc.nsw.gov.au/application-tracker

Consent register search

This service (some know it as a preliminary search), is primarily used by real estate agents, conveyancers and solicitors to assist with compiling documents for the sale and purchase of properties. The information we are able to provide is limited to what is contained within Council’s Consent Register.

Copies of development documents are not provided as part of this service.  A reasonable search of Council records will be undertaken, and a list of the applications (development year, application number, approval date and development type when available) registered for that property will be provided. 

Information regarding final occupation certificates, final inspection or the existence of any Building Information Certificates will not be provided as part of this service. Should you require this information, please make an Application for Copies of Development Records.  

Make a request: Consent Register Search email dev.documents@pmhc.nsw.gov.au and provide the property details (Lot, DP/SP and street address) and advise if there is a particular structure/approval you are interested in ie. 'granny flat'.

Apply for a copy of a development record 

If the documents you are interested in are not on Application Tracker you will need to apply for a copy of the record and pay the associated fee. Where we have the document in digital form, which is often the case for applications made after 1 July 2010 there is a small application fee payable and the document can often be provided to you within 20 days.

For older applications, generally those before the year 2010, additional fees apply because those files are held in paper form and are at off-site stores. Under the GIPA Act Council charges $30 per hour to recover, digitize and provide these older documents to you and processing times can vary depending on the complexity of the search request and number of documents called for. A records officer will advise you of the charges and processing times on initial assessment of your application.

Make a request: For a copy of a development document -  Form DE161

House/internal drainage diagrams

A house/internal drainage diagram is the internal layout of a house's plumbing lines as they have been laid for the development. This diagram shows the location and direction of the pipes all the way to the outside of the building connection to the sewer junction. 

In many cases house/internal drainage diagrams are not readily available. If your request relates to a property sale and the requirement to have a house drainage plan with a contract of sale under the Conveyancing Act, Council can provide agents/property owners with a letter advising these records are not available in the ordinary course of business.

Make a request: Send an email to dev.documents@pmhc.nsw.gov.au to be sent your internal drainage letter. Covering letters can generally be issued within 24 hours.

Swimming pool certificate

A Swimming Pool Compliance Certificate is a formal certificate issued by Council which states that at the time of inspection the swimming pool barrier complies with the requirements of Part 1 of the Swimming Pools Act 1992 and relevant Australian Standard which includes the requirements for swimming pool fencing.

The Swimming Pools Amendment Act 2012 requires pool owners to provide a valid swimming pool compliance certificate before being able to sell or lease a property with a pool.  A compliance certificate is valid for 3 years.

Check if the pool is registered on the NSW Swimming Pool Register and if a compliance certificate is valid before you lodge an application with Council.

Outstanding notice certificate

An Outstanding Notices Certificate lists any current or outstanding notices and orders issued by Council in respect of a particular property.  The provisions are contained in section 735A of the Local Government Act 1993 & section 121ZP of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.

You can apply for a Section 735A & 121ZP Outstanding Notices Certificate at any time, but a certificate is most often needed before property settlement.

Make a request: Apply for an  Outstanding Notice Certificate (Form DE010)261KB pdf(PDF, 261KB)


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