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Maintenance Dredging Settlement Shores Canals

Council staff engaged with approximately 70 canal residents over two engagement sessions in early 2016 and received 161 survey responses. The survey responses and discussion with residents identified the highest preferred priority maintenance activity was dredging to restore the canal waterway depth, followed by placement of sand on beach areas.

The Settlement Shores Canal Maintenance Plan prepared in 2017 identified dredging of the canal beds as the highest priority maintenance activity for the canal system.

Council have secured the necessary environmental approvals to undertake the maintenance dredging works and have appointed Birdon Pty Ltd to undertake the works.

Pre-dredge survey works have now been completed and identified those areas where there is satisfactory depth and those where the movement of sands/silt has compromised the available depth. It is these areas identified by the survey which will be targeted by the dredging operations to produce the sand necessary for beach replenishment.

Dredging operations in the Settlement Shores canals are scheduled to commence in December 2019.  Work is expected to take at least 5 months to complete including a brief shut down over the Christmas period.

All affected canal residents have recently been contacted regards the works commencement and further information for residents and the general community will be provided as the project progresses. 

This page was last updated on: 04 December 2019