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Hastings River Gauge Network Upgrades


The Hastings River Floodplain Risk Management Plan (HRFRMP) 2013 identified the need for additional streamflow and rainfall gauges to be incorporated into the existing network to improve flood predictions for the Hastings River catchment.

Currently there is a lack of  flood level and rainfall gauges within the Hastings River catchment and the HRFRMP recommended gauges be installed at various locations within the river system to improve flood predictions.

Grant funding was received in November 2017 from the NSW Government for the installation of additional gauges within the Hastings River catchment.

Council is working with Manly Hydraulics Lab to identify gauge priority, type and locations which will provide the greatest benefit when considering:

  1. BoM’s predictive modelling
  2. flood warning systems
  3. future flood studies / models
  4. calibrating flood models.

Preliminary investigations have identified the following locations for the installation of additional gauges and where improvements can be made to existing gauges.

Council is also working with the SES on this project to ensure that the project will result in a good outcome from a flood management and response perspective.

Council is current investigating each proposed gauge site in further detail and hopes to install the additional gauges via a staged approach over coming years.


This page was last updated on: 11 September 2019