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Wauchope Waste Transfer Station Greenwaste Expansion

Wauchope Waste Transfer Station

Work has been undertaken on an expansion of the Wauchope Waste Transfer Station to complete subdivision works on land adjoining the Transfer Station for a greenwaste expansion.

Project benefits provided by this work include improved efficiency of the existing facility and increased capacity to handle and accept greenwaste prior to materials being transferred to Cairncross Waste Management Facility for final processing.

Council have been able to incorporate the use of recycled materials in place of more traditional civil construction materials.  Approximately 670 tonne of crushed brick and concrete has been used as foundation material for the concrete hardstand, driveways and kerbs and as a substitute for more traditional quarried road base gravel.  In addition, approximately 70 tonne of crushed glass has been used as foundation for hardstand and driveways as well as pipe bedding for the stormwater management.

Council are identifying additional opportunities to utilise recycled glass and concrete on current and future projects in an effort to both save costs and ease the burden of increasing stockpiles of recycled materials. 

This page was last updated on: 11 September 2019