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Rocks Ferry Revetment Wall Construction

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Rocks Ferry Reserve is a popular public recreation area located on the Hastings River, Wauchope and  is an ideal venue for recreational boating and motorised water sports, annual rowing regattas and club meetings. The reserve has picnic tables, a boat ramp, car parking, play equipment, barbeques, a shared footpath/cycleway and a shingle beach used for water skiing and water sport access to the river.

The Rocks Ferry Reserve Rock Revetment Project forms part of Council’s broader Community Strategic Plan.

One of the key objectives of this program was to address a highly eroded section of riverbank adjacent to the Rocks Ferry Reserve footpath near Princess Avenue.

Works included 150m of rock wall construction and a minor section of shared path reinstatement. This work will help protect the embankment from future flood events.

Works were successfully completed and pedestrian pathway re-opened to the public on Friday 28 September 2018.

This page was last updated on: 30 September 2019