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Port Macquarie Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant

Thrumster Reclaimed Water 1140x430.jpg

A $2.3 million upgrade of the Reclaimed Water Treatment Plant in Port Macquarie has been recently completed and increases capacity from 1 megalitre to 2 megalitre per day. The upgrade was initiated as part of the Reclaimed Water Supply Scheme to provide future services to residential houses in Thrumster and based on increased demand from the Port Macquarie community.

The Plant saves about 15% of the effluent disposed of from the Port Macquarie Sewerage Treatment Plant and is used primarily for irrigation, laundry, car and boat wash and construction works.

The upgrade involved the addition of Microfiltration and Reverse Osmosis units which removes pathogens and salt content from the water respectively as well as the addition of a new treatment unit called a Calcite Filter, the first one built in Australia for its size. The unit is a tank filled with natural calcium mineral and as water enters, the calcium is dissolved and helps the water maintain its alkalinity throughout the distribution system. Calcite is a naturally occurring mineral that is safe and much easier to use in comparison to traditional materials such as lime.

The Plant uses Ultra Violet treatment and chlorination for disinfection ensuring that the final product is clear, odourless and free from pathogens. The quality of the water is continuously monitored and regularly reported to DI Water and Department of Health as part of the schemes license.

This page was last updated on: 22 November 2019