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Stingray Creek Bridge replacement

Stingray 29 August 2017
stingray creek bridge July 2017

This $26 million project has seen a new 190 metre bridge spanning Stingray Creek, improving access and providing a safer crossing for all road users and pedestrians. This new bi-directional single carriageway crossing provides not only improved vehicle access but also improved pedestrian and cycling access via a shared footpath/cycleway at both bridge entrances.

The construction of the bridge was seen as key to maintaining the regional network which is vital to the continued economic development of Laurieton and the surrounding region. Without this link, the residents of both North Haven and Laurieton would be severely disadvantaged with regard to access to services and facilities.

The next phase of this project will see the demolition of the existing temporary construction bridge and old Stingray Creek Bridge, scheduled for completion in August 2017. 


  • 1925: Crossing the stingray creek was made on a "pack-horse" punt pulled across by hand.
  • Shortly after, the old punt sinks and travelling across the creek reverts to rowing a boat from and to Laurieton
  • 1931: Humpty Back bridge opens to public access built for 1,100 pounds 
  • November 1961: A new concrete two-lane bridge is officially opened. Expected cost: 60,000 pounds
  • 2015: Construction starts on the new Stingray Creek Bridge
  • December 2016: The local community were invited to celebrate with the first walk across the bridge and pedestrian pathway
  • February 2017: The new $26 million Bridge is open to traffic travelling in both directions

Watch the time-lapse video of construction

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