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Lake Cathie dredging

Lake Cathie Dredging May 2018

The dredging of Lake Cathie, begun in May 2018, has now been completed and has addressed the build-up of sand in the main channel of the lake, and ensures the lake is safe, healthy and able to be enjoyed by all.

Approximately 21,000 cubic metres of sand has been dredged and relocated to the edge of the Foreshore Reserve to reclaim open space that had been lost to erosion, with sand also relocated to replenish approximately 400m of the beach in front of Illaroo Rd.

 In late 2017, Council applied to the NSW Government for approval to dredge Lake Cathie, east of Ocean Drive, and in January 2018 funding of $175,000 was secured to complete the dredging. $175,000 was also contributed by Council to undertake the $350,000 program of work.

Significant planning and strict guidelines including lake surveying and environmental assessments were undertaken to ensure the lake remains protected. 

During the dredging the lake level was close to the opening trigger, however remained closed so that dredging could be successfully completed.

Lake Cathie is an area of high conservation value and serves a variety of users, from water birds to recreational boaters and swimmers. A 'balanced' opening strategy facilitates the decision making process with respect to opening Lake Cathie to the ocean and is vital to accommodate the conflicting environmental and social constraints on the lake.


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