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Strategies and Plans

Port Macquarie's industrial area

Our region is experiencing growth like never seen before, so we're taking a pro-active approach to planning for our future, to ensure our community remains a great place to live, work, play and invest.

The Port Macquarie-Hastings is known as one of the most liveable regions in the country, and our focus is on ensuring we have a balance in meeting the immediate needs of our community whilst having a clear vision for our future.

Planning for the future has always been a priority and we have some firm plans in place which you will find below. You can also learn about the new planning currently underway also below. 

In progress: 

  • 2019-2020 Operational Plan
    •  The one year Operational Plan is a sub-plan of the Delivery Program. It focuses on the individual action (and budget) for the next financial year The Operational Plan includes the Revenue Policy, Rating Maps, and proposed Fees and Charges.
  • Proposed Orbital Road Investigations
    • The proposed Orbital Road is a new approach to improving the road network in and around Port Macquarie, providing a link from Ocean Drive to Hastings River Drive via the Oxley Highway. It is designed to alleviate significant congestion across the extent of the city, particularly on Lake Road, Ocean Drive and the Oxley Highway. Flood-free connection to the airport and business park will be provided, as will improved connectivity to key destinations including Port Macquarie Base Hospital, Charles Sturt University, St Columba Anglican School and the Regional Sports Stadium. The proposed Orbital Road is a long term solution to addressing our current and future traffic growth, and is essential for the economic and social vitality of our community.
  •   Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy (under development)
    •  The Integrated Water Cycle Management Strategy Strategy provides Council with an opportunity to take stock of its water cycle management efforts so far, and plan what needs to be done into the future. 
  •   Coastal Koala Plan of Management (Draft)5MB pdf(PDF, 5MB) and  Koala Recovery Strategy (Draft)3MB pdf(PDF, 3MB)
    • The purpose of the Coastal Koala Plan of Management is to guide development assessment and ensure we achieve a permanent free-living population of koalas.  It also aims to prevent koala population decline due to the habitat loss, dog attack and vehicle strike arising from new development activity.
    • The Port Macquarie-Hastings Koala Recovery Strategy identifies the key issues that are impacting the local koala population. It provides actions and guidelines to aid in the recovery of the local koala.
  •  Cultural Plan 2018-2021 (under review)
    • This Cultural Plan identifies the underpinning strategies, frameworks and actions that will drive and support cultural development within the Port Macquarie-Hastings region for the period 2018-2021. 
  • Draft Health and Education Precinct Masterplan (under development)
    • Council has identified the Health and Education precinct as a key project within the Urban Growth Management Strategy. A masterplan is currently under development with the objective to create an active community hub that is a centre for excellence for knowledge and health.
  • Draft Regional Infrastructure Transport Strategy (under development)
    • A Regional Integrated Transport Strategy (RITS) is currently being developed to identify key transport decisions and actions across the entire road network. This strategy will link with other key strategic plans to provide a holistic view of the entire transport network, maximising opportunities to address the communities current and future needs and aligning our transport objectives with land use planning, our UGMS, the State Government Future Transport Strategy and funding prospects.

Developed strategies: 

  • Towards 2030 Community Strategic Plan
    • The Community Strategic Plan is an overarching 10 year plan that is prepared by Council and the community based on community priorities. It identifies the community’s aspirations for the future and outlines strategies to achieve them.
  • 2017-2021 Delivery Program 
    • The 2017-2021 Delivery Program outlines the strategies that our organisation will focus on to meet the Community Strategic Plan over the Council’s four-year term of office. 
  •  Urban Growth Management Strategy
    • The aim of the Urban Growth Management Strategy (UGMS) is to achieve well planned growth in the right places, to create a more diverse and prosperous economy and maintain a healthy environment and great places to live that will meet the future needs of our growing community.
  •  Port Macquarie-Hastings Traffic Study5MB pdf(PDF, 5MB)
    • The Port Macquarie-Hastings Traffic Study has been developed to provide a road and traffic management strategy for the region's road network for the next 20 years. It outlines a series of recommendations for new road links, key corridor upgrades, localised works and rural road improvements.
  • Economic Development Strategy
    • The 2017-2021 Economic Development Strategy has been developed to position the Port Macquarie Hastings region as a place where people want to live, learn, work, play and invest. It is being delivered in partnership with local business and industry and overseen by our Economic Development Steering Group.
  • Biodiversity Strategy
    • A Biodiversity Strategy has been developed to provide information to guide and enable strategic growth and development while conserving biodiversity values.
  •  Long Term Energy Strategy7MB pdf(PDF, 7MB)
    • The Long Term Energy Strategy identifies energy efficiency and renewable energy opportunities to assist Council with planning for and managing short, medium and long term energy requirements. 
  • Recreation Action Plan - 2019-2025
    • The 2019-2025 Recreation Action Plan provides Council and the community with the necessary framework and road map for meeting the current and future needs in sport and recreation requirements commencing in 2019.
  •  Airport Master Plan18MB pdf(PDF, 18MB)
    • The Airport Master Plan presents a 20-year vision for the Port Macquarie Airport site that considers the requirements for future airline operations, general aviation activities and commercial property development opportunities, and provides the framework and strategic direction to guide the future development of the Airport to underpin the region’s economic development and tourism potential.  

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