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Town and Village Signage

Village signage
New signage is scheduled for installation in Camden Haven

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council is currently updating and replacing the existing signage at the entry points to our communities.

This signage update is a part of an overall review of signage across the Local Government Area (LGA) and also includes interpretation and wayfinding signage.

In mid-2018 eleven signs will be installed across the Camden Haven with further signs to be installed in Wauchope and  surrounding villages later in the financial year.

Community input will be sought in relation to the imagery that will be included within each sign’s design that reflects the unique character of that community.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which communities have received the new signage?

    Lake Cathie, Bonny Hills, North Haven, Laurieton, Dunbogan, West Haven, Lakewood, Kendall, Kew.

  2. Why have the signs only been installed in the Camden Haven?

    Only limited funding was available which didn’t allow for a full rollout across the LGA. It was decided to start the staged rollout in the Camden Haven.

  3. When will my town/community get their signs?

    $50,000 in further funding has been secured for additional signs to be rolled out across the LGA. These funds will be allocated to installing signs in Wauchope and the surrounding villages.

  4. How were the designs chosen for the signs?

    The structural designs for the signs were designed internally at Council and tie in with an overall design philosophy that Council has adopted for all future signage across the LGA. This also includes wayfinding signage, interpretation signage etc.

  5. Who decided upon the imagery that is included on the individual community’s signage?

    In June 2017 community groups from the Camden Haven were contacted asking for feedback and suggestions for the potential imagery that would reflect the individual character of each community.

    The community was also given the opportunity to provide feedback via Council’s online community portal: Have Your Say.

    The feedback collected was incorporated into the current signage designs.

  6. If our community wants to install its own signage is this possible?

    If your community has the funds available to purchase and install your own signage that is acceptable. The signage will have to use the same design and construction materials as the signage already installed in the Camden Haven and will require full Council approval before the signs are constructed.

    The location of the proposed signage will need to be approved by Council or RMS.

  7. Can we incorporate localised signage or community advertising into the newly installed signage?

    No. The current signs have been designed to be easily read for vehicles entering each community. Any other signage or community advertising incorporated into these signs would lessen the impact and create confusion.

  8. Why have the signs been installed in those specific locations?

    The signs have been installed on the official boundaries that reflect where one locality ends and the other begins. In some instances due to physical limitations such as drainage swales, other signs etc. the sign location may have had to move slightly from the exact boundary location.

This page was last updated on: 23 July 2018