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Kendall Main Street Plan


Kendall is an idyllic, much loved town with a vibrant residential population as well as significant visitors each year. The town and community maintain a strong sense of civic pride, a creative culture and long standing historical ties to the cultural heritage of the area.

Traffic management, car parking, pedestrian circulation and general urban amenity is poorly defined in this area. There are a number of land uses and constraints that contribute to a complex environment including intersecting roads, railway line level crossing, tennis courts and reserves, War Memorial Hall, Henry Kendall sculpture, the Kendall Services and Citizen Club, Miss Nellie's cafe, community op-shop, swimming pool, skate park and broad expanses of pavement for informal parking.

Residents and visitors to Kendall are set to benefit from a range of safety and streetscape improvements with the  Master Plan for the Kendall Main Street8MB pdf(PDF, 8MB) moving into the implementation phase.

The plan was approved at a Council meeting in June 2018, and will guide the ongoing development, safety and amenity upgrades to the popular village’s Main Street.

Council have allocated $150,000 in the 2018/19 Operational Plan to design and replace the Kendall Skate Park, which is a key item within the Kendall Main Street Master Plan.

The plan focuses specifically on upgrades to four precincts within the town centre including River St, Graham St and Comboyne St, the Village Green, bus stop precinct and areas surrounding the Kendall Community Op Shop.

The Main Street Plan is based on the following urban design objectives:

  1. Establish Graham Street Precinct as a community sporting hub for the village and the region;
  2. Create a safer environment for the community and visitors;
  3. Create new public open spaces that provide a variety of activities for a range of ages and abilities;
  4. Improve the legibility of Kendall’s road network;
  5. Create a visual connection with the river;
  6. Improve accessibility to and throughout Kendall;
  7. Retain Kendall’s village character;
  8. Respect Kendall’s rich and layered history; and
  9. Improve parking legibility throughout Kendall.

The plan is a long term vision with a range of inter-related and inter-dependent actions. Short term actions include:

  • Project A: River, Graham and Comboyne Street Upgrade – Concept design
  • Project C: Bus Stop Precinct Upgrade – Concept design
  • Project B1: The Village Green – Investigate and resolve property access issues
  • Project C1: Wharf Lookout – Investigate and resolve property access issues
  • Project C2: Kendall Entry Signage – Implement signs as part of broader towns and villages entry signage project
  • Tennis court relocation – Continue to work with Kendall Tennis Club to permit relocation of tennis courts to Orara Street
  • Skate park relocation – Continue to progress planning for skate park relocation to site of present tennis courts
  • Funding and grants – Pursue suitable funding opportunities as they arise
  • Development and land use planning – Consider Kendall Main Street Plan in all future development and land use planning
  • Infrastructure planning – Consider Kendall Main Street Plan in all future infrastructure planning


This page was last updated on: 22 June 2018