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Port Macquarie Projects

Port Macquarie Airport
Port Macquarie Airport

Our 2019-2020 Operational Plan includes an expenditure of over $36 million on the maintenance and upgrade of sealed and unsealed roads, bridges and roadside vegetation; over $39 million on sewerage services; over $17 million on water supply and related services; over $17 million in waste services; over $23 million on the maintenance and upgrade of playgrounds, sporting fields and open recreation spaces; over $4 million on stormwater maintenance and monitoring and over $1 million on shared footpaths and cycleways. 

In the Port Macquarie area, we've listed below the key projects that will be delivered during the 2019-2020 Financial Year. 

  • Playground upgrade at Blair Reserve – $85,750
  • Flynns Beach Seawall replacement – Stage 1 – $1,622,200
  • Develop new park facilities at Red Ochre Park – $446,000
  • Develop new park facilities at Ruins Way Park – $312,000
  • Playground replacement at Settlement Point Reserve – $85,750
  • Upgrades and new facilities at Stuart Park – Regional Sporting Precinct – $2,539,586
  • Playground replacement at Town Beach Park – $415,000
  • Replacement of walkways at Sandhurst Reserve, Blair Reserve, Harry’s Lookout – $150,000
  • Site selection and finalising the design of the Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility – $450,000
  • Port Macquarie Airport Terminal upgrade, parallel Taxiway Stage 1 and general aviation pavement renewal – $2,525,000
  • Thrumster Sewerage Treatment Plant (Area 13) – Phase 1 - $400,000
  • Inlet works replacement for Port Macquarie Sewerage Treatment Plan – $1,000,000
  • Upgrades to Koala Street – $150,000
  • The Ruins Way reconstruction – Major Innes Road to Stella Street – $950,000
  • Port Macquarie Foreshore Walkway Project – $985,000

Across the region we've allocated $2,080,077 to road resealing works;  $1,000,000 for the construction of footpaths;  $650,000 to the Stormwater Renewal Program;  and  $18,000,000 for the finalisation of the Small Village Sewerage Scheme at Long Flat, Comboyne, and Telegraph Point. 

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