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Town (Commercial) Wharf Upgrade

Council, together with the Town Centre Masterplan Committee is progressively working towards the completion of a continuous foreshore walkway along the edge of the Port Macquarie Town Centre, from Town Green East along the Hastings River and Kooloonbung Creek to Gordon Street Bridge. A link pathway is also planned from the William Street  pedestrian bridge to Westport Park. 

In order to continue with a consistently wide promenade and improve the amenity of the foreshore corridor along the Town Wharf precinct, as shown in the drawing set in the link on this page, we are proposing the following upgrades in this area:

  • Removal of the boat ramp. To allow the pathway to connect to the wharf at a reasonable grade.
  • Relocation of the sea plane jetty, to a location nearby, yet to be determined by Crown Lands.
  • Widening of the boardwalk from 3 to 5 meters to allow for both, increased through pedestrian traffic and wharf operations and customers.
  • Carpark layout adjustments to allow sufficient width for the foreshore promenade, without reducing parking bays.
  • Relocation of the incongruous annex on Pilot’s Boat Shed to reinstate the original facade and allow the walkway sufficient width. The annex will be replace with an addition more in keeping with the main building to display the historic Anzac Boat.
  • Upgrade of the landscape surrounding the boat shed to improve the setting and access.
  •  The creation of a mini plaza at the end of Clarence Street to accommodate for small events, markets, etc.
  • A wheelchair access ramp to the middle of the Town Wharf extent.

Town Wharf

The Town Wharf project is likely to be constructed in several stages over the next few years, according to available funding. With priority being given to the widening of the existing boardwalk. 

This project is currently undergoing the environmental approvals process and may accordingly be adjusted as required.

This page was last updated on: 13 May 2021