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Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility

Port Macquarie Pool

Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility Concept Design Under Review

Thank you for providing your feedback on the concept design for the Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility during the public exhibition period which has now closed. 

In response to the large amount of feedback received we are undertaking a review of the concept design and will report on the outcomes of community feedback and a proposed way forward at the 20 October Ordinary Council Meeting.

This action is supported by a resolution passed at the 21 July Ordinary Council meeting (minutes can be viewed here).

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Port Macquarie is undergoing unprecedented growth with its population forecast to reach more than 100,000 by 2030. Recent growth in both the number of residents and visitors to the region has resulted in congestion at the current facilities during peak periods.

The Port Macquarie Pool was built in 1966 and whilst fit-for-purpose  when it was built, the pool’s structure is deteriorating and no longer meets the needs of our growing community. This deterioration has led to significant water leakage’.

 As the pool is a major health and recreation facility for the region and caters for a wide range of both competitive and recreational swimmers, the construction of a new aquatic facility will address the above challenges that are presenting issues for operations and management of the current pool.

Council is planning ahead to ensure the Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility can meet the needs of the region for at least another 50 years. This will be an important investment in infrastructure for the enjoyment, health and wellbeing of the whole community.

Further engagement with the community commenced on Monday 22 July regarding the proposed Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility, with a specific focus for this stage of engagement on selection of a preferred site. Various engagement activities were undertaken to reach a broad cross section of the community, incorporating online surveys, stakeholder meetings, targeted letter drops, traditional media and social media, online submissions, email blasts and Aquatic Facility pop-ups at two shopping centres and the Port Macquarie Pool.

The consultation period closed on Sunday 1 September and resulted in 880 surveys being completed and 57 written submissions received. From the consultation outputs, the community identified Macquarie Park as their preferred site for the Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility (please refer to the Port Macquarie Aquatic Facility Site Selection - Community Engagement Report for further information). 

In conjunction with feedback received from the community, staff from across Council divisions came together to analyse a range of planning considerations against each site option. These planning considerations were grouped in themes as key criteria being identified: 

  • Available space to deliver objectives, required functionality and longevity

  • Adjacent complimentary facilities

  • Location, catchment and accessibility

  • Environmental impacts

  • Capital costs

  • Impact to existing and planned users

Assessment of the sites against these criteria was undertaken which confirmed that the staff preference for an aquatic facility is Macquarie Park with a number of positive attributes being identified for the site, including: 

  • Existing power / water / sewer utility / storm water / recycled water provisions within close proximity to site

  • Zoned as RE1 (permissible under current zoning)

  • Low bushfire risk

  • Central location and close proximity to existing pool site

  • Public transport access

  • Larger space is available allowing for more variation of facility configuration

  • Linkages with existing recreational site (netball), still space for future growth

  • Low impact to adjacent land use

  • Low vegetation impacts

  • Close to other community facilities

  • Parking to complement existing infrastructure. Through the community engagement process, a number of submissions expressed concerns about the impact an aquatic facility at Macquarie Park would have on parking, which many see as an issue at this time. As one of the largest sites proposed through the site selection process, Macquarie Park offers potential for more car parking to be provided than is required to service the aquatic facility providing a benefit to the broader area.

  • Exposure for existing businesses within close proximity

This is a significant project which will be staged as highlighted in Council’s Recreation Action Plan:


Stage/Priority Action Timeframe

Stage 1

Immediate Priority

Develop a strategic concept plan for Port Macquarie Pool upgrade. 2019/20

Stage 2

Short Term Priority

Detailed designs and approvals.


Stage 3

Medium Term Priority


2020/21 – 2024/25

Access and the provision of adequate parking at a new aquatic facility will be an important consideration in strategic concept stages of this project.

This is yet to be determined.

Council will explore all available funding options to support this project.

We understand the significance of these tiles to the community and the history of the pool. The design brief includes incorporation of the tiles into the new facility however, the details of how this will look have not been determined. Community and stakeholder consultation will be undertaken as the project develops (and prior to construction) as to how the tiles can be incorporated. 

This page was last updated on: 22 July 2021