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Maintenance Dredging Settlement Shores Canals

Council staff have previously engaged with approximately 70 canal residents over two engagement sessions in early 2016 and received 161 survey responses. The survey responses and discussion with residents identified the highest preferred priority maintenance activity was dredging to restore the canal waterway depth, followed by placement of sand on beach areas.

The Settlement Shores Canal Maintenance Plan (CMP) was subsequently prepared in 2017 and identified dredging of the canal beds as the highest priority maintenance activity for the canal system.


Council secured the necessary environmental approvals to undertake the maintenance dredging works and in 2018 appointed Birdon Pty Ltd to undertake the works.


Pre-dredge survey works were completed in November 2019 and identified the existing bed levels in the canals and enabled assessment of these areas against the original design profile. This survey identified those areas that presented impediments to the navigation of vessels and therefore those areas needing maintenance dredging to satisfy the primary objective of the CMP, that being the restoration of the canal waterway depth.  These areas potentially presented the associated opportunity to address the secondary objective identified in the CMP being replenishment of sand on the beach areas.

Dredging operations in the Settlement Shores canals which commenced in December 2019 have now been completed. Reinstatement of the canal waterway depth, consistent with the CMP, has been achieved with associated beach replenishment undertaken in adjacent areas.

This page was last updated on: 27 October 2020