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Airport Terminal Upgrade

Port Macquarie Airport terminal
Port Macquarie Airport departure lounge
Port Macquarie Airport Logo

The upgrade of the Port Macquarie Airport Terminal Building was officially completed in November 2019. The $9.875 million upgrade was funded through a $5 million contribution from the NSW Government under the Restart NSW Regional Tourism Infrastructure Fund and $1.25 million from the Australian Government through the Community Development Grants Programme. We contributed up to $3.625 million to the project. 

The project commenced on 12 October 2018 and took 13 months to complete. On your right, you can watch a timelapse video of the construction of the terminal building.

View the  detailed concept15MB pdf(PDF, 15MB) plan of the Port Macquarie Airport Terminal Building.

The upgrade to the terminal building was a necessity, to cater for the increased passenger numbers coming through the airport and to provide high quality terminal facilities for a more contemporary, comfortable and efficient passenger experience.

The upgrade of the terminal building included: 

  • A total floor area double that of the existing airport terminal
  • Air conditioned arrivals and departure areas, 
  • A new check in area with provision for 9 desks
  • New departure lounge to cater for up to 300 people, 
  • New arrivals area with baggage reclaim carousel, 
  • New retail facilities including rental car desks
  • Wireless internet availability
  • Hearing loop availability
  • Additional ablution facilities
  • A café space with full commercial cooking facilities
  • New flight information display systems and televisions
  • Improved security monitoring, including the provision of pass back doors.
  • New ‘back of house’ operations and office space for airlines to function more efficiently. 
  • New reticulated sewer system installed and upgrades to the electrical supply. 

Environmental impacts

Biodiversity Certification approval was received for land in and around the Airport, to ensure the local environment is protected. This ensures the land is managed in a sustainable way, and aims to avoid or minimise the impacts on the local vegetation, threatened species and their habitats through offsetting the impact of any land that is cleared.

490 hectares of the land in the vicinity of the Airport is set aside for permanent conservation protection, which is four times the area of vegetation that may be impacted by proposed future development.  


This page was last updated on: 27 October 2020