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Towards 2030 Community Strategic Plan


The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) is an overarching 10 year plan that is prepared by Council and the community based on community priorities. It enables Council to coordinate its funding priorities, activities and services.

New South Wales Government legislation recognises that councils and communities don’t exist in isolation and that different planning documents must be integrated. The legislation guidelines indicate the CSP should be based on the social justice principles of equity, access, participation and rights. The CSP should also consider how social, economic, environmental and civic leadership issues can be addressed.

The CSP is a reference tool for Council, the community, government agencies and other stakeholders. It identifies the community’s aspirations for the future and outlines strategies to achieve them. The community owns this plan and it will serve as the primary resource for guiding future councillors on what the community wants.

 Towards 2030 Community Strategic Plan6MB pdf(PDF, 6MB)

Council is required to provide a report to the community at the end of its term of office describing its progress in achieving the strategic objectives outlined in the Community Strategic Plan called the “End of Term Report”

As part of reporting back to the community, councils are required to produce an End of Term report based on council's achievements in implementing the Community Strategic Plan over the previous four years.  Integrated Planning and Reporting legislation states that the report is to be presented to council in the same year as the ordinary council election is held. As a result, the End of Term was tabled to the August 2016 Ordinary Council Meeting. 

 End of Term report 2012-2016 (Item 09.05)

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