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Mid North Coast Joint Organisation

Mid North Coast Joint Organisation logo

The Mid North Coast Joint Organisation (MNCJO) was formed following the 9 May 2018 proclamation by the NSW Governor of eleven (11) joint organisations across regional NSW. 

The Mid North Coast Joint Organisation includes Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Bellingen Shire Council and Kempsey Shire Council with the purpose of strengthening regional collaboration to work more closely with the NSW Government to deliver important projects on a regional scale.

The inaugural meeting of the MNCJO was held in Kempsey on 13 June 2018, paving the way for how these Councils will work together with the NSW Government on priority projects in this region. 

Mayor Liz Campbell (Kempsey Shire Council) was elected Chair of the MNCJO, Mayor Dominic King (Bellingen Shire Council) was elected Deputy Chair of the MNCJO and Craig Swift-McNair was appointed as the interim Executive Officer.  

John Alexander is currently the Project Officer for the MNCJO and Liz Jeremy (Bellingen Shire Council) is currently the Executive Officer

Mid North Coast Joint Organisation Contact Details

Project Officer:   John Alexander
Email:                     John.Alexander@mncjo.nsw.gov.au
Phone:                   0408 161 256

Media Releases and Advertising

Read the joint media release issued.

 Advert-Annual-Financial-Statements-2020.pdf117KB pdf(PDF, 117KB)

Board Meeting Business Papers and Minutes 

  MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-10-April-2019.pdf556KB pdf(PDF, 556KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-5-April-2019.pdf216KB pdf(PDF, 216KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Business-Papers-5-April-2019.pdf21MB pdf(PDF, 21MB)
3MB pdf
(PDF, 3MB) MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Business-Papers-1-February-2019.pdf
33MB pdf
(PDF, 33MB) MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-24-January-2019.pdf279KB pdf(PDF, 279KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Agenda-24-January-2019-via-Telephone.pdf488KB pdf(PDF, 488KB)  
MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-5-December-2018.pdf405KB pdf
(PDF, 405KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Agenda-5-December-2018.pdf72MB pdf(PDF, 72MB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-5-October-2018.pdf558KB pdf(PDF, 558KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Business-Papers-5-October-2018.pdf7MB pdf(PDF, 7MB)
 MNCJO-Board-Workshop-Minutes-14-September-2018.pdf1MB pdf(PDF, 1MB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Minutes-17-August-2018.pdf554KB pdf(PDF, 554KB)
 MNCJO-Board-Meeting-Business-Papers-17-August-2018.pdf8MB pdf(PDF, 8MB)

MNCJO Charters and Policies

  MNCJO-Charter-Adopted-17-August-2018.pdf584KB pdf(PDF, 584KB)
 MNCJO-Code-of-Meeting-Practice-Adopted-17-August-2018.pdf549KB pdf(PDF, 549KB)
 MNCJO-Policy-Payment-of-Expenses-and-Provision-of-Facilities-Adopted-17-August-2018.pdf406KB pdf(PDF, 406KB)
 MNCJO-Policy-Public-Interest-Disclosures-Protected-Disclosures-Adopted-17-August-2018.pdf535KB pdf(PDF, 535KB)

Joint Organisation Proclamation

 View the Regional Joint Organisations Proclamation 2018431KB pdf(PDF, 431KB)


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