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Mayor's Weekly Message: Monday 13 May 2019

Released on: 13 May 2019

Released on: 13 May 2019


Wastewater Treatment Plant to open its doors

It may be a topic that’s a bit on the nose, however have you ever wondered what happens to the waste and water after the toilet is flushed and the bath is emptied?

I was lucky enough to take a tour of the Bonny Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant (also known as the sewage plant) late last year, and can I tell you it was absolutely fascinating.

I continue to learn so much about the many different services that Council provides on behalf of our community, and this is definitely on top of my list of educational experiences.

Taking the opportunity to see first-hand the process of treating the waste that we generate in our homes, business and industries, and how this is converted into treated effluent was a real eye opener.

The Bonny Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant uses advanced technology to highly treat the effluent to a level which is ‘fit for purpose’. This reclaimed water will soon be available in some areas as an alternate water supply… to be used for watering parks, gardens and sporting fields and ultimately for flushing toilets, washing cars, cold water washing and other industrial uses.

Council currently operates five separate sewerage schemes… in Port Macquarie, Wauchope, Kew/Kendall, the Camden Haven and Lake Cathie/Bonny Hills. We’ve also got 3 new sewerage schemes that are currently being constructed in Comboyne, Long Flat and Telegraph Point.

And now it’s your chance to see our Bonny Hills Wastewater Treatment Plant in action, with a number of interactive tours taking place from 9.30am on Wednesday 29 May.

The tours will be led by Council technical staff who will take you through the entire process, from how the wastewater comes into the plant, the treatment process and everything in-between. You’ll also learn about reclaimed water, what can and can’t be flushed down the loo, and take a wander around the treatment ponds.

If like me you enjoy learning new things, and would like to see how our wastewater management protects public health, the environment and caters for our growing community I really encourage to take one of the tours.

You’ll need to make a booking, and you can do this at or give Council a call on 6581 8111.