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Mayor's weekly message: 4 November 2019

Released on: 04 November 2019

Released on: 04 November 2019


Praise for our firies

I think I speak for everyone when I say a huge thank you and great appreciation to the many firefighters and volunteers, the Rural Fire Service, and other fire agencies from out of region who have come to help fight the fires at Crestwood and Lake Cathie. Your commitment and selflessness is truly inspiring and you’ve done an exceptional job in keeping everyone in our community safe.

These fires have had a far-reaching and devastating impact on our community, natural environment and local wildlife, and although the situation is no longer an emergency status, it’s still extremely important for everyone to stay aware, safe and cautious. And it’s incredibly important that we continue to follow instructions from the RFS on their website and social media, as the most trustworthy source of information in these times. Make sure you have a bushfire plan ready, remain watchful and keep a look out for your family, friends and neighbours.

On Saturday I visited the Koala Hospital and was shown first-hand the effects of these fires on a little koala who had his ears burnt but was thankfully brought in by a resident. I am assured he will make a full recovery and let’s all hope that there will be many more koala’s found alive and cared for in the coming days.

I would also like to thank all our wonderful volunteers, as well as Council’s team, who are going out to the affected areas to look for injured wildlife. I strongly encourage everyone to contact FAWNA (6581 4141) or the Koala Hospital (6584 1522) if you find any injured wildlife. It’s our priority to continue working with the RFS and all the agencies involved, ensuring our community is safe and supporting our firefighters and volunteers in any way possible.

For more information and emergency advice visit,