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Mayor's Weekly Message: 3 February 2020

Released on: 03 February 2020

Released on: 03 February 2020



Working hard on your behalf

One of the many things I love about being Mayor is the vast range of items that come across my desk for consideration or action every day. From all corners of our region, it’s so great that our community have a voice, play such an active role in helping shape our future, and contribute to making our region such a great place to live.

Council has responsibility for so many local services and projects, and our focus is on ensuring that we continue to meet community expectations on things including our local roads, responsible development, parks, playing fields, water supply and waste disposal… to name just a few.

It can sometimes be confusing as to who’s responsible for what, however as your Council we are the level of Government that is closest to our community, and have a critical role to play in advocating for your needs.

This is where I focus a lot of my effort, in working extremely closely with both the State and Federal Government, and the many other agencies on both matters of strategic significance, and where there are rules that at a local level we are required to operate under.

The current process to open Lake Cathie is a great example of this. The legislation and approval that is required to open the lake is under the control of the State Government, via Crown Lands. Council recently met with responsible agencies to agree on a way forward in the short term and will continue to collaborate until we have a longer term solution for our beautiful lake and estuarine system.

Securing water for the future is another important issue that requires a strategic partnership approach. For those of you who attended or watched the recent Council meeting, you will have seen how we are exploring all sorts of options to ensure we can continue to provide a clean, safe water supply… including desalination, and extending the reach for recycled and reclaimed water.

It’s important issues like these that your Council oversees and influences every day, and we will continue to work hard on behalf of our entire community.