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Mayor's Weekly Message: 15 February 2021

Released on: 15 February 2021

Released on: 15 February 2021

This week Mayor Peta Pinson is joined by Gregg Ferrett, Deputy Principal Hastings Secondary College - Westport Campus, and Blayne West, Natural Resource Manager, PMHC, to discuss the new koala stiles being built at the Hastings Secondary College - corner of Oxley Highway & Findlay Avenue.

Our local koala population is over 2,000, one of the largest in NSW. However, there are a number of threatening factors, road strikes being one of the most common. Vehicle related koala mortality has a huge impact on the declining koala population. There has been 128 vehicle strikes in our LGA in the last 5 years. 

The koala stiles are part of our continued efforts in working towards increased protections for our local koalas and the wildlife. They assist koalas in moving away from high road strike areas.