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Mayor's weekly message: 11 November 2019

Released on: 11 November 2019

Released on: 11 November 2019

Our bushfire emergency

There is no doubt that the fires across our region have resulted in an anxious time for our community, and we’re all hoping that the fires will be out soon and we will feel safe once more.

The amazing efforts of our firefighters, volunteers and fire service agencies, coupled with the support and generosity of our community is truly inspiring, and we never fail to rally together in times like these.

With everything so dry, bushfires can happen at any time, so it’s extremely important that you have your bushfire plan ready. It’s really easy to do, and by taking 20 minutes with your family to discuss what you’ll do during a fire, you could save their lives, as well as your home.

Visit the RFS website rfs.nsw.gov.au/plan-and-prepare/bush-fire-survival-plan to complete your plan.

And don’t forget about the odd jobs like cleaning out gutters and ensuring you clear around your home, removing anything that might be able to be burnt, as these can make a big difference in keeping you, your family and your homes safe.
It’s just as important that you check in on your family, friends and neighbours during these times and make sure they have their own bushfire plan organised.

If you’re ever in doubt regarding bushfires, always take the safest approach. The fires are so unpredictable and damaging, that it is simply not worth the risk to put your life in danger.

We will get through this terrible time, and as we continue to battle the fires please stay safe, remain watchful and keep an eye out for each other.