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Development Assessment Panel

Development Assessment Panel Meetings during the COVID-19 pandemic will occur via teleconference/Skype meeting. If you want to hear the meeting or wish to speak at a meeting please email AppReg.Group@pmhc.nsw.gov.au to register your interest.

The Development Assessment Panel (DAP) assists in managing Council's development assessment functions by providing transparent, independent and expert assessment of applications. The Panel makes decisions on the merits of an application and will not be influenced by lobbying and weight of numbers in its assessment process. Lobbying outside of the DAP meeting or at the site inspection is not allowed.

DAP meetings are open to the public and are held twice a month on Wednesday's at 2:00pm.  Meetings take place at the Port Macquarie Council Office.  As DAP is a formal committee of the Council, there are certain conduct rules that apply when attending or speaking at a meeting.

The functions of the Panel include:

  • Review development application reports and conditions
  • Determine development applications
  • Refer development applications to Ordinary Council Meeting for determination, when applicable

Panel members:

  • Paul Drake - Independent Chair 
  • Robert Hussey - Independent member
  • David Crofts - Alternate Independent member
  • Dan Croft - Group Manager Development Assessment

Meeting notification

If you have made a written submission during the development notification period we will advise you in writing of the DAP meeting date. Council's preferred notification method is by email however if an email address is not supplied, notification will be by post. As a general rule, we will give 10 days notice before a meeting date. Issues raised in submissions are addressed in the DAP report which can be viewed via the links below.

Speaking at a DAP meeting

Anyone can speak at a DAP meeting. The Chair will invite the public to make a comment against or for the development proposal at the start of the meeting.  Objectors are invited to speak first followed by those who are supporting the proposal.  All comments must be addressed to the Chairperson and debating and arguing is not allowed. During the Panel deliberations, the public are asked to remain silent.

If you want to tell us in advance of your intention to speak at DAP meeting, please email cheryl.lowe@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or telephone (02) 6581 8111 or (02) 6581 8546 at least on the day before the meeting.  We will advise the Chair to ensure you are given the opportunity to make your comments at the meeting.

DAP reports

Reports are published on Friday the week before the meeting.  You can view reports (agendas and minutes) for DAP on our website in 2 ways:

Application Tracker
When this page opens click on Launch Application Tracker button at the bottom of the page, agree to the terms and conditions and search for the application you are interested in. The DAP report will be downloadable under the Documents heading.

Council Business Paper
When this window opens select the Meeting type (Development Assessment Panel), the Year and the Month of the meeting you are interested in.


DAP decisions

Determinations are made by consensus of the Panel Members. Where consensus is not possible, the matter will be referred to an Ordinary Council Meeting for a decision.

This page was last updated on: 23 March 2020