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Request to Speak on an Agenda Item

 Due to COVID-19 pandemic social distancing restrictions, the public will not be able to speak on an agenda item at this meeting. However, residents may provide in writing to Councillors matters relating to the agenda by emailing councilmeeting@pmhc.nsw.gov.au or by contacting Councillors directly using the contact details found on Council’s website. Any information provided will assist Councillors in their decision making capacity on those items on the agenda.

There will be no Public Forum section of this meeting. All representations made to Councillors through the above email address must be received by Council no later than 4:30pm on the Monday prior to the meeting. 

Business Papers are available for viewing online at www.pmhc.nsw.gov.au/councilmeetings by midday on the Friday prior to the meeting. 


Residents can request to speak in the Public Forum of the Ordinary Council Meeting on any agenda item listed on the agenda as either: 

  • in support of the recommendation 
  • in opposition of the recommendation

A maximum of two speakers “in support of the recommendation” and two speakers “in opposition of the recommendation” are allowed on any one agenda item per Council Meeting. 

Each speaker has five minutes to address the Council.  Council has the opportunity to ask questions after each speaker has finished, but speakers cannot ask questions of Council. 

If you wish to address Council in the Public Forum - Matters On The Agenda, you must apply to address that meeting no later than 4.30pm on the day before the meeting by completing the 'Request to Speak On Agenda Item’ form.  This form is available at Council's offices, online or in pdf below.

Requests to speak on an Agenda Item close at 4.30pm on the day before the Council meeting.

This form has been removed until further notice. 

Information for Speakers 

  • There is no automatic right under legislation for the public to participate in a Meeting of Council or a Committee of Council.
  • For a member of the public to be considered to address Council on an agenda item, they must agree to strictly adhere to all relevant adopted Council Codes, Policies and Procedures at all times.

  • Consideration of items for which requests to address Council on an agenda item will follow the Public Forum - Matters Not On The Agenda.

  • When your name is called, please proceed to the Council Table and address Council.

  • Council may ask questions of a speaker following an address.

  • Each answer, by the speaker, to a question is limited to two (2) minutes.

  • A speaker cannot ask questions of Council.

  • The item will then be debated by Council.

  • Council will permit no more than two (2) speakers ‘in support of’ and two (2) speakers ‘in opposition to’ the recommendation on any one (1) agenda item.

  • Each speaker will be allocated a maximum of five (5) minutes to address Council and this time is to be strictly enforced by the Chairperson.

  • If you have any documentation to support your presentation, please provide 2 copies to Council by 4:30pm on the day before the Meeting.

  • If a speaker has an audio visual presentation, a copy of the presentation is to be provided to Council by 4:30pm on the day before the Meeting.

  • Council accepts no responsibility for any defamatory statements made by speakers.

  • Members of the public may quietly enter and leave the Meeting at any time.

This page was last updated on: 29 April 2020