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Request for Information

Access to information

The public may obtain access to information as follows:

  • by searching the Council's website to see if it is already available
  • by contacting Council and requesting the information. Council will advise whether the information requested:
    • is mandatory release information that is readily available and where and how to get the information.
    • should be made available as part of a proactive release of information.
    • can be disclosed through an informal release, for example where no third party personal information is involved.
    • requires a formal access application, for example because consultation with a third party is required.

Adjoining Property Owners Application

To request adjoining property owner’s names and postal address for dividing fence, tree or burning off matters please complete the Adjoining Property Owners Application form.

Council is not obliged to pass on the contact details of  adjoining landowners for privacy reasons unless the request is made under the Dividing Fences Act 1991,  the Environmental Planning and Assessment (Regulation) Act 2000 or the Rural Fires Act 1997. Only owner names and forwarding addresses will be provided. Personal contact details (i.e. email address or telephone numbers) of adjoining landowners will not be provided. Land titles details are also available from NSW Land and Property Information (www.lpi.nsw.gov.au or 1300 052 637) for a prescribed fee.  

Informal Access to Information Request (development documents)

To make a request for access to development documents such as plans, report, or diagrams for existing development, please complete a " Copies of Development Documents329KB pdf(PDF, 329KB) form. Fees apply.

Informal Access to Information Request (other than development documents)

To make an informal request for access to information under GIPA Act please complete an " Informal Access Application238KB pdf(PDF, 238KB)" form. No fee is required for an informal access application.

Formal Access to Information Request

To make a formal request for access to information under GIPA Act, please complete the “ Formal Access Application223KB pdf(PDF, 223KB)" form.  The application fee is $30.00 for a formal access application and processing charges may be applicable.   If a fee for photocopies of documents provided under the GIPA Act is payable, fees apply as listed in Council's current adopted Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Internal Review Request

To request an internal review of a decision made under the GIPA Act, please complete the “ Internal Review Application196KB pdf(PDF, 196KB)" form. The application fee for an internal review application is $40.00.

This page was last updated on: 16 June 2021