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These forms are to local business operators with the operation of their business to ensure they have the proper permits and notifications in place with Council.


 Form Description
Form Code
More Information

  A Frame Sign Licence179KB pdf(PDF, 179KB)

 A Frame Sign Licence Renewal154KB pdf(PDF, 154KB)

An “A” frame sign, also known as a sandwich board, or blackboard means any portable, self supporting sign with a maximum width of 650mm and a maximum standing height of 1 metre.

Businesses are encouraged to apply for the proper permits if they wish to display advertising signs such as A-frame signs on footpaths or roads to promote their business.

Approval - Complete form DE253 to apply for an approval with Council to have your A-frame (sandwich board) sign on the footpath or roadway.

Renewal - Complete form DE253A to extend your existing A-frame sign licence.




Tourism, Community and Service Signage

 Leasing road or footpath space for outdoor dining997KB pdf(PDF, 997KB) If you are interested in occupying part of Council’s road, reserve or footpath space for your café/restaurant for outdoor dining.   

Outdoor Dining Flowchart.pdf

 Outdoor Dining Policy.pdf69KB pdf(PDF, 69KB)

 Outdoor Dining Procedure.pdf155KB pdf(PDF, 155KB)
 Notification of Hairdressing salon or Barber shop business678KB pdf(PDF, 678KB) Use this form to advise Council of your haridressing or barber shop premises.
 Notification of skin penetration procedure premises224KB pdf(PDF, 224KB)

Use this form to advise Council that your business will be conducting the following procedures:

  • Acupuncture
  • Body Piercing
  • Cuticle Cutting
  • Dry Needling (Derma Roller)
  • Ear Piercing
  • Electrolysis
  • HemaView
  • Micro-dermabrasion
  • Tattooing
  • Waxing
 Register a public pool or spa71KB pdf(PDF, 71KB)

All public swimming pools and spa pools must be registered with Council and with the NSW Government.

A public swimming pool or spa pool includes premises such as: gyms/health clubs, hotels/motels & other accommodation places, schools, hospitals and learn to swim centres.

 DE218 Public swimming pools and spas
 Register a regulated system224KB pdf(PDF, 224KB)

To control legionnaires’ disease all premises with a regulated system must register the system with Council.

Regulated systems include; water cooling systems, hot water systems, warm water systems & air handling systems.

 DE217  Heating and cooling
 Liquid Trade Waste Service Contract
(Classification A)334KB pdf
(PDF, 334KB)

Use this form to apply to Council for a service contract where the operator undertakes the random measuring of waste water flow and sampling.

This category covers low strength waste activities from food outlets such as take-away shops, mechanical repairers and small restaurants. 

  Liquid trade waste and classifications
 Liquid Trade Waste Service Contract
(Classification B&C)341KB pdf
(PDF, 341KB)

Use this form to apply to Council for a service contract where the operator is required to regularly monitor pollutants to ensure they are kept below the minimum standard.

This covers industrial and special wastes, typically discharges of a high risk or large volume. 

Liquid trade waste and classifications
 Liquid Trade Waste Service Contract (Category S)342KB pdf(PDF, 342KB)

Use this form to apply to Council for a service contract where the operator generates septic tank and pan waste.

This category covers:

  • Septage
  • Septic Tank Effluent
  • Portable Chemical Toilet (Building, Event Sites, Bus/Coach)Liquid Galley Waste (Boats)
  • Toilet Waste (Boats)
  Liquid trade waste and classifications

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