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Inspection Bookings

When undertaking building, subdivision or drainage works inspections are required by the Principal Certifying Authority (PCA) or Regulator to ensure construction meets the regulatory requirements.  

Book your mandatory, critical or notifiable inspection using the links below.

 Book a Plumbing Inspection  Book a Building Inspection
Plumbing Inspection Booking Building Inspection Booking Image

For information on how to book your inspection by phone or email and for details on mandatory inspection types refer to the lists below.


Phone: (02) 6581 8675

Email: dev.inspections@pmhc.nsw.gov.au


  • Bookings are required by 1:00pm the day before the inspection is required
  • Council must have received your Notice to Commence Work advice
  • Council must have a copy of your Owner Builders Permit (if relevant)
  • Only plumbers/septic installers can book plumbing inspections
  • A copy of approved plans must be available on site for inspecting officers.

Provide the following information when you make your booking request:

  • Application number
  • Date of last inspection
  • Property owner’s name
  • Lot and/or street number
  • Street name and town
  • Your name and phone number
  • Builders name and phone number
  • Date inspection is required and if you want it in the AM or PM
  • The inspection request:
    • Site Inspection
    • Internal Drainage
    • Footings
    • Piers
    • Slab reinforcement
    • DPC/Bearers & Joists
    • Subsoil Drains
    • Frame
    • Flashing
    • External Drainage
    • Final
    • Re-inspection
    • Pool Steel
    • Pool Fencing
    • Col. Steel
    • Stormwater
    • Ant Capping
    • Aerated S/T Maintenance
    • Retaining Walls
    • Sanitary Plumbing
    • Building Certificate Inspection
    • Section 68 Final.

There are a number of mandatory inspections that must be carried out by your Principal Certifying Authority (PCA). If these inspections are not completed, you may not receive an occupation certificate. It is an offence to occupy a building without an Occupation Certificate and an Occupation Certificate may be requested when selling your property.

Your PCA may also request additional inspections; these are usually nominated in your PCA agreement. The mandatory inspections required by the legislation are listed below and are dependant on the type of building you are constructing.

Residential work - Class 1 & 10 buildings

Examples include dwellings, alterations and additions, garages, carports, swimming pools, etc. The mandatory inspections are:

  • Footing
  • Slab and other steel reinforcement
  • Frame (including floor)
  • Wet area waterproofing
  • Stormwater
  • Pool fencing
  • Final / completion

Multiple dwellings - Class 2, 3 & 4 buildings

Examples include multi-unit developments, and residential components of commercial or industrial buildings. The mandatory inspections are:

  • First footing inspection
  • Wet area waterproofing
  • Stormwater
  • Final / completion.

Commercial and Industrial Buildings Class 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 buildings

Examples include offices, shops, factories and commercial buildings. The mandatory inspections are:

  • First footing inspection
  • Stormwater
  • Final / completion

Note: Council as your PCA may nominate additional inspections to ensure the building/works upon completion are fit for occupation/use.

Final Inspection

When all building works have been completed, you will need to book a final inspection. Once the final inspection has been completed and passed, an Occupation Certificate will be issued. The Occupation Certificate authorises the occupation of the building and may be requested when you are selling your property.

This page was last updated on: 12 August 2020