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Hastings Family litter

Council has partnered with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to conduct a Litter Blitz campaign targeting six local litter hotspots – Town Beach and Town Beach Park, Town Green, Kooloongbung Creek Carpark and Foreshore, Westport Park Carpark and Horton Street.

A little bit of litter is a big problem

Every year, over 25,000 tonnes of litter is tossed in NSW.

Not only does litter pose a major threat to the local environment and wildlife, it also costs ratepayers a lot of money. There are significant clean-up costs, and it can have a negative impact on local businesses and the tourism industry. Litter impacts us all and can prevent us from enjoying our local community spaces such as parks, beaches, rivers and the town centre.

Litter lowdown in Australia

  • The most common types of litter in NSW include cigarette butts, paper/paperboard, plastic, glass and takeaway packaging
  • Around 50 million plastic bags enter the Australian litter stream every year
  • Takeaway containers make up 23% of the litter volume in NSW
  • 7.2 billion cigarette butts are littered annually in Australia. Cigarette butts are toxic, contain 43 known carcinogens and leach chemicals into waterways within an hour
  • For every Australian there are 5 pieces of litter on beaches
  • 75% of marine litter is plastic and 59% comes from the land

What about Port Macquarie

Our problem items in Port Macquarie range from the most common items - cigarette butts to plastic bottles and bags, beverage and takeaway containers, bottle lids, ringpulls, straws and mixed general waste.


How are we tackling the litter problem?

Council’s Litter Blitz Campaign is based on the EPA’s four pillars for litter reduction.

  1. Infrastructure – Council is installing new public place bins and signage across the six hotspot areas. These new bins make it easy for residents and visitors to do the right thing and put their rubbish in the bin.
  2. Education – Through the Litter Blitz campaign, Council is highlighting the local litter problem and working with the community to ‘keep it clean’. An ongoing education program includes events like the Seaside Scavenge, partnerships with local organisations, and communication with the community.
  3. Enforcement – During the Litter Blitz, Council Rangers are stepping up surveillance of litter hotspots. Rangers are helping to educate the community and encourage correct rubbish disposal, as well as issuing warnings and on-the-spot fines for people doing the wrong thing.
  4. Monitoring – Council is conducting local litter checks and large-scale clean-ups of the six hotspots and recording information about the volume, location and types of litter. This will allow us to address specific problems and measure the success of the litter strategies so we can continue to improve outcomes for the community.

Project Partners

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council has teamed up with a number of Project Partners as part of the Litter campaign. These Project Partners have pledged to spread the message and help stop littering in our local area, and Council is offering support to reduce the impact of litter on these businesses and community groups.

 Project Partners include:

  • Boomerang Bags
  • Charles Sturt University
  • Port Macquarie Chamber of Commerce
  • Port Macquarie Parkrun
  • Rydges Port Macquarie
  • Seaside Scavenge
  • Port Macquarie Breakwall Holiday Park
  • Salty Crew Cafe
  • The Westport Club

To become a litter Blitz Project Partner, please contact Nicky Julian on email or call 02 6581 8111.

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council’s Litter project is a NSW EPA Waste Less Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy.


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This page was last updated on: 14 May 2018