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Frequently asked questions on new bin service

Q1. I would like to switch my red bin size or collection frequency.  How do I do this?

Call us on 6581 8111 to request a red bin service change. For more information about the service options, including costs and sizes, see here.

Service level changes incur a $54 size adjustment fee and rates will be amended from the date of the change.  You will receive a letter confirming the new arrangements and any adjustments of fees are reflected on your next Installment Notice.

Q2. I still have an old bin?

Trucks only pick up the new bin types so you cannot use your old bin for regular rubbish collection.  However if you want to keep your old bin for personal use you are welcome to.  If you want your old bin taken away call our waste contractor JR Richards on 1300 787 223 and they will remove it for you.

Q3. I would like one of the larger yellow recycling bins. Can I get one?

Call us on 65818111 to request an up-size. A size adjustment fee of $54 will have to be paid before we can issue your new bin.

Q4. I ordered a larger yellow bin but now find it is too big. Can I send it back?

Call us on 65818111 to request a smaller bin. A size adjustment fee of $54 will have to be paid before we can issue your new bin.

Q5. I haven’t received a kitchen tidy bin and/or compostable bags. What can I do?

Call our waste contractor JR Richards on 1300 787 223 to place your order.  Kitchen tidy bins and bags are available for all residents with a domestic waste service.

Q6. What can I do as a tenant or resident of a retirement village?

We encourage you to speak with your real estate agent, landlord or village manager about your service in the first instance.

For residents of multi-unit complexes speak to your strata manager or body corporate to discuss waste needs.  Below are the services that Council offer for multi-unit dwellings:

Individual Service

Shared Service

Minimiser Fortnightly (140 litre) - $364

Half Minimiser Fortnightly (140 litre) (shared) - $203

Standard Fortnightly (240 litre) - $415

Half Standard Fortnightly (240 litre) (shared) - $229

Excess Weekly (240 litre) - $604

Half Excess Weekly (240 litre) (shared) - $329

Q7. How do Council’s kerbside collections affect rental properties?

Landlords can use their 2 free tip tickets and the unlimited pay-as-you-go service to help manage tenant’s waste. Any waste placed on the kerbside following the changeover of tenants must be booked in and paid for prior to collection. If waste is put on the kerbside without a pay-as-you-go service being booked in, the waste will be treated as illegally dumped and appropriate compliance action taken. 

Q8. I am concerned my red / yellow / green bins aren’t big enough, what are my options?

Red bin – residents can choose from the Minimiser, Standard or Excess red bin service depending on their needs.  The bigger the bin the higher the service charge. To change the size of your bin, a size adjustment fee of $54 applies.

Yellow bin – request a bigger recycling bin. Other than the size adjustment fee of $54, you won't pay any more in annual fees for a bigger yellow bin.

Green bin and garden bins – you can order an extra green bin for $89 a year. Bulky garden waste can be dropped off at Council’s waste transfer stations for a small fee, or by using your free tip tickets.

Q9. I am having trouble moving my bins to the kerb. What can I do?

Find out if you are eligible for Wheel Out / Wheel Back service by speaking to a Council Waste Officer. A Doctor’s Certificate is required on an annual basis and Council will need to assess the suitability of the site.

Q10. I am concerned about the cost of my waste charges?

If you have concerns about paying your rates, you may wish to complete a Hardship Rate Relief Application Form or speak to our Waste Officers for service changes to suit your needs.



This page was last updated on: 27 January 2017