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Reasons to do business here


The top 10 reasons why the Port Macquarie-Hastings is the  Shape of the Future4MB pdf(PDF, 4MB).

  1. A vibrant and diverse economyWe are committed to maintaining and strengthening our diversity to provide a broad range of economic opportunities.
  2. A growing population, strong local market & stable workforce - One of the fastest growing regions in NSW with the biggest increase in our population is those aged 35- 49 with young families in the prime of their careers.
  3. Strategic location - Strategically located mid-way between Sydney and Brisbane and serviced by a well developed air, road and rail network.
  4. A regional hub - A major events destination and a regional hub with a market of a further 200,000 within two hours drive.
  5. Major projects to fuel future growth - Recent and planned investment of over $350 million in major infrastructure spending.
  6. Secure and sustainable infrastructure - A world class water and sewer system with a secure supply of electricity and transport infrastructure.
  7. Big picture planning - The capacity to comfortably service growth for around another 25 years.
  8. A proactive Council and supportive business community - A good supply of zoned land, development flexibility, efficient approvals, free development advice and a Small Business Friendly Council, plus many organisations that can help you start or grow your business.
  9. Investment opportunities - Small and large businesses can thrive here with increasing opportunities within a range of industries.
  10. A lifestyle like no other - Offering a welcoming community, temperate climate, affordable housing and enviable coastal living; it is the perfect lifestyle destination.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of doing business in Port Macquarie-Hastings, sign up for our newsletter Economic Development Matters, contact the Economic Development team at or call 02 6581 8111.

This page was last updated on: 15 July 2016